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Silicone free deep conditioning treatment for frizzy hair?

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Destinysdaughter Tue 04-Oct-16 16:40:26

Anyone know of a good one? I've stopped using silicone which is fine but my hair feels a bit straw like at the moment ( going grey so is dyed blonde). My hair is wavy, slightly curly and fine. Any suggestions please? 😀

RavioliOnToast Tue 04-Oct-16 16:47:32

Coconut oil is brilliant!

bobbinpop Tue 04-Oct-16 16:49:32

Pure argan oil is great!

WhooooAmI24601 Tue 04-Oct-16 17:39:00

Jason shampoos and conditioners are lovely, I use the Sea Kelp one (often on offer on Ocado) and it leaves my hair in lovely condition.

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