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Leather jacket choices

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momofgirls Mon 03-Oct-16 22:30:15

Have been looking for a leather jacket. However bra size 34gg.
Tried the Jigsaw clean leather jacket size 16 fastens but squashes breasts when zipped. New style for me but looking for a investment jacket as I tend to make my clothes last for years. Any ideas only 5ft 2 therefore can look quite stocky or matronly in some clothes.
Any ideas for what to try next.

Look for something that either has an open top or will look ok worn open . That zipped up over big books wouldn't flatter anyone tbh.

Boobs, not books. Although I'm not sure it would look right over books either!grin

barefootbird Tue 04-Oct-16 06:36:25

Pepperberry do one are possibly committing yourself to always wearing it done up though, I tried one on and because there was enough to stretch over my boobs there was far too much fabric once undone and it all sort of hung in a odd way. I have spent years wearing jackets undone to get the fit across my body (not helpful...sorry). Pepperberry also do this one...

I always wear open. I recently bought a suede jacket (bargain) and will wear that open too, will never find a jacket (or coat!) That covers my J's without being enormous everywhere else!!!

So maybe get the original one? Could wear a scarf in the open bit too.

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