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I want to be one of those women who looks amazing on a tiny budget. How?

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LucyTory Mon 03-Oct-16 09:40:38

I have hardly any budget for clothes, make up, hair etc. I follow loads of women on Instagram who always all look fantastic, and I think surely they can't all be super rich? There must be some secret to looking amazing on a tiny budget?

At the moment I just look like crap!

burnishedsilver Mon 03-Oct-16 09:49:08

Grooming, posture and ironing and the keys.

unweavedrainbow Mon 03-Oct-16 10:20:10

Ebay. Beautiful things can be had for a fraction of the price if you don't mind second hand. I bought a gorgeous wine red cashmere/merino Hush jumper dress (something ridiculous like £65 new!) for 99p as it was June and no-one wanted jumper dresses, iyswim. Wore it for the first time yesterday and got lots of compliments smile
Seriously, it's really worth a look.

margaritasbythesea Mon 03-Oct-16 10:27:17

Yes, that would be nice.

PNGirl Mon 03-Oct-16 10:38:10

I'd be wary of Instagram. If you have enough followers you can be sent as many freebies and samples as bloggers and YouTubers. If anyone is remotely well-known on there they will be getting paid to feature certain brands and items.

That said, with a bit of effort, scouring discount and outlet websites and the odd trip to places like McArthur Glen you can look nice for not much money. Today my long oatmeal cardi is Tesco (you can't tell) as is my black vest top, my jeans are Hilfiger denim (£30, TK Maxx) and my Fossil bag is from their outlet store.

barefootbird Mon 03-Oct-16 10:51:34

I think it helps to work out what you should spend the most on, for me the foundations are important, so underwear because if you get that wrong anything you put on over the top isn't going to look great, and hair. I buy a box dye but so that I have more money left for a really good cut. Anything that I do buy I really look after well to get the most out of it.

I buy bargains from e-bay (I have been round the shops to try things on so that I know what size I am in the brands that I like) and have a few choice charity shops that I pop into whenever I can. Make up and face cream is usually boot no 7 purely because they have so many offers on, anything non no7 is generally bought with advantage card points or birthday money. I rarely buy shoes or boots but I buy as expensive as I can afford at the time and really look after them.

Nearlyadoctor Mon 03-Oct-16 10:56:01

I think hair is extremely important, if my hair isn't right it doesn't matter how expensive the clothes are nothing will look right. Also second ironing.

CoolToned Mon 03-Oct-16 11:56:12

Being slim helps.

BlairWaldorfLovesShopping Mon 03-Oct-16 11:59:59

Can you link to some of them? I bet they do all have a decent budget sadly

Artandco Mon 03-Oct-16 12:03:32

I think pay for good visible items, and can wear anything

For winter that's two good woolen coats ( should last forever), and two decent bags ( one smaller one larger), plus two shoes ( one boots, one shoe or low boots.

Then whatever is worn under or with should work.

brodchengretchen Mon 03-Oct-16 12:22:39

Spend what you can on your hair and keep a sensible weight, which will cost you nothing.

DeadGood Mon 03-Oct-16 13:07:34

Adding to the above, I'd say avoid prints (unless you happen to stumble across some fabulous designer piece for £5 in a charity shop).

Personally I love prints, but they tend to look best on silk or other expensive fabrics and you have to choose the right one as they can easily look "cheap and cheerful" which is not what you are after.

It's a bit boring but if you are on a budget, you're best off with plain neutrals in the most luxe fabrications you can afford.

DinosaursRoar Mon 03-Oct-16 13:16:12

how 'budget' is your budget? Are we talking supermarkets and H&M prices or mid-range high street, just not designer? That can help a lot! It's a lot easier on high street mid-range rather than cheap to get good quality stuff that lasts.

I would say (as someone who fails at this and doesn't have money to throw at the problem!) grooming - hair, make-up done (and cheap make-up can look fabulous, but does need reapplying through the day to keep that look up more than 5 minutes), being slim and tall helps (sadly, I can't be stretched!).

Getting the best quality neutrals you can afford, take care of clothes (no bunging hand wash only jumpers in the washing machine, iron stuff). Shop for classic shapes/colours in the sales for the next year. Get clothing altered to fit you perfectly.

SeasonalVag Mon 03-Oct-16 17:54:00

Staying slim and keeping hair in good Nick are the easy bits.

For clothes, I buy in the end of season sales. Also, know what colours suit you and be honest about what cut is right for you. Eg I love polo necks but they make me look chinny so I'm avoiding them for now.

Finally buy clothes which are well cut. I've found beautifully make stuff in tescos which I never thought I'd see. Steer clear of anything too fashion. And look after your clothes....I wear old gym kit for housework and ALWAYS apron up when cooking. clothes last so much longer if you're not forced to wash them after every wear.

chanie44 Mon 03-Oct-16 19:09:41

Dress for your shape not for fashion.

Get rid of anything old and tatty in your wardrobe.

Ensure you are drinking enough water.

Buy the best quality you can afford (all shops have good and bad items, the trick is knowing which is which).

Focus on grooming (eyebrows, hair cut, manicure and pedicure - can all be done at home).

Buy clothes that fit well - the clothes should look like they were made for you.

SeasonalVag Mon 03-Oct-16 19:37:43

Can I just add....find a decent seamstress. I just got three skirts altered and a vintage coat relined for 50 quid. It's comparatively cheap but get seamstress in a poorer area... They're priced better. I was quoted 120 for the same work in the posher but of town

AnneGables Mon 03-Oct-16 19:43:04

Search for the how to look expensive threads on here, some great tips.

Minimal jewellery
Neutral colours
Make up and hair done
Clean, ironed, well fitting clothes
Coordinating shoes/bag

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