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& Other Stories (where is the choice of sizes)?!

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ShmooBooMoo Mon 03-Oct-16 03:19:37

Grrr... I'm on their site and I have tried to put multiple items in the basket... It says 'select size first' but I can't see any sodding sizes to select from. Beyond frustrating... Any one else having issues? Thanks

annandale Mon 03-Oct-16 03:33:05

Hmm - seems to work OK, the size options came up under the colour options on the right hand side each time. Are you on a phone, laptop?

ShmooBooMoo Mon 03-Oct-16 03:42:35

Thanks... Weird... I'm on a laptop. I get a box of colour options, say, for example, a jumper, but there are no sizes showing. There is an 'add to bag' box but with no sizes to add it's pointless. Why do you ask if I'm on a laptop, out of interest? Thanks.

annandale Mon 03-Oct-16 04:01:41

well, just because it's working on this laptop but wondered if the mobile site was banjaxed.

I would give it a few hours and try again.

ShmooBooMoo Mon 03-Oct-16 04:29:12

Thanks, will do smile

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