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Would you buy synthetic uppers?

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neveradullmoment99 Sun 02-Oct-16 20:48:38

Like PU shoes/boots? I never do because I always thought they would fire up my feet. Is that just nonsense? i always buy leather. Another reason is when PU scuffs, what on earth can you do with it? Leather can be polished to disguise but what happens when the PU peels off? Or gets scratched?

phoolani Sun 02-Oct-16 23:20:48

Well, I have, but they make your feet sweat and at the same time are not at all warm 🤔. I wouldn't recommend them.

Cakescakescakes Sun 02-Oct-16 23:24:33

I dont wear leather and there is a big difference between good quality 'fake' leather shoes and cheapie £5 Primark numbers. I like Blowfish, Rocket Dog, Mustang, and some Clarks are actually faux leather etc. The key is ones with a comfy supportive sole as well so that they aren't flimsy. Then I find the material doesn't matter so much.

burnishedsilver Sun 02-Oct-16 23:36:12

Any non leather shoes I've bought have not been successful.

WanderingTrolley1 Sun 02-Oct-16 23:44:46

I always buy leather.

JaceLancs Sun 02-Oct-16 23:50:45

No - the only non leather I wear is things like trainers, converse, vans or wellies

Oldraver Mon 03-Oct-16 00:00:32

Yes of course I would, I have no problem what the footwear is made of, so long as it does its job

FeliciaJollygoodfellow Mon 03-Oct-16 00:14:12

Yes. I prefer leather but I'm not sure I could tell you why, I have had loads of shoes which were certainly not leather, but looked like it and it felt the same confused

CarpetDiem Mon 03-Oct-16 00:41:42

All Stella McCartney is vegan/ vegetarian friendly and therefore not leather. So, you can buy good quality shoes and handbags that are not leather.

JohnCheese Mon 03-Oct-16 10:11:44

No, always leather. I always think 'athlete's foot here I come', when I see non-leather shoes. Rightly or wrongly. I don't think PU shoes mould to your foot very well and as such aren't great for your feet. Maybe a podiatrist/chiropodist might tell us more?

I really like these from M&S but they're not leather so I won't buy. Really like 'em. I'm surprised M&S made such a shoe from plastic.

Lottapianos Mon 03-Oct-16 10:15:02

I always buy leather uppers and insoles, apart from trainers obviously. I get a 'burning' feeling on the balls of my feet if I wear synthetic insoles and as someone else said, PU shoes are both sweaty and not warm at the same time. Well worth investing in leather IMO

KittyB52 Mon 03-Oct-16 10:28:23

I don't wear leather shoes and find cotton insoles help in the summer. In colder weather I don't care as I am wearing thicker tights or socks anyway. Plus I now wear inner soles for plantar fasciitis so they also provide extra comfort and warmth.

poppym12 Mon 03-Oct-16 10:34:47

I never wear leather but as pp says, there's a vast quality difference between non leather shoes and boots and what I'd call fashion footwear from high street clothes shops.

Mustang, blowfish and rocket dog are the ones I wear most and I can't say I've ever experienced sweaty feet problems ot freezing cold issues. I do have some non leather footwear from next and m & s which is ok too.

icandoscience Mon 03-Oct-16 10:57:53

I buy far too many shoes that I like the look and feel of, I don't look at what they are made of. So I have a mix of synthetic and leather shoes/boots - never had any specific issues with the synthetic ones. I spray all my new shoes with a scotchguard-type protector spray to repel water/dirt and reduce scratches.

flirtygirl Mon 03-Oct-16 13:28:38

95% wear leather as moulds to my feet and has some give for my wide feet.
Non leather like velvet pumps canvas are ok but not worn often.

MsUnderstanding Mon 03-Oct-16 14:43:08

No. I don't see the point of fake leather. I have shoes made of canvas, velvet, crocs, felt as well as leather and suede.

Magickl Mon 03-Oct-16 15:43:50

I'll buy non-leather if I love the shoe, or if the price point is right. I don't expect them to last, though. I work on my feet all day and prefer leather by far. Much easier to break in for me.

neveradullmoment99 Mon 03-Oct-16 18:07:54

Glad its not me that doesn't buy them if they are faux leather. I tend to always check.

Judydreamsofhorses Mon 03-Oct-16 19:49:45

No. I walk about seven miles a day during the week, and don't find non-leather shoes/boots comfy. I have canvas Supergas and everything else is leather.

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