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M&S cashmere pyjama bottoms

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leadrightfoot Sun 02-Oct-16 20:39:49

Has anyone bought and used these? Do they last? Do they go baggy? Wash well? I want something to wear around the house that is warmer than my summer cotton lounge pants. I like a pull on style as I can open the door without being embarrassed but it is practical and comfortsble.

I don't do synthetic materials due to propensity for static shock so normal yoga pants don't work for me. I have had various wool combinations of pull on trousers in the past and down graded work trousers but need to replace.

Any other options I can look to for warm slouchy style trousers?

I need to be warm and cosy otherwise frankly I am a grumpy so and so.


SeaRabbit Sun 02-Oct-16 21:26:52

Mine aren't M&S but I have a 8 year old cashmere track suit that I live in around the house in winter. The bottoms have maybe gone a bit baggy but not too badly, and is just so comfortable I love it.

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