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Short arse and pear shaped - skinnies?

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NotAMammy Sun 02-Oct-16 13:44:05

As the title would suggest I'm short (5' 2") and a pear shaped 10/12 with the added fun of excessively large calves. I love the look of skinny/slim fit trousers and jeans but struggle to find any to fit. Next Petite are grand for wide fit trousers, but I struggle to get slim fits up my legs.

Does anyone have any suggestions? M&S denim jeggings are my current savior for jeans, but I need workwear. I'm doing a fairly minimalist wardrobe so I'm willing to spend a bit more to get a pair that I can wear to death. Also super happy to find a source of £15 ones that I can wear to death.

Am I better off just getting a pair to fit my legs and go to a tailor to get the waist taken in to fit?

imjessie Sun 02-Oct-16 15:44:29

I'm a similar shape and size. What are your calf measurements ? Top shop Lucas are a good jean for me because they are supposed to be loose fit but size down and they are like looser skinny jeans .

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