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Different coloured suit jackets

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fivepies Sun 02-Oct-16 09:00:11

Desperately seeking the knowledge of Mumsnet style and beauty gurus! I need to improve my wardrobe (more responsibility at work) and have got one navy and one black suit. However, I am struggling to find any different coloured suit jackets. They need to be formal (not blazer/boyfriend style) but I'd like to be able to mix and match some jackets with skirts and trousers. Pinks, light blues etc.
Is it the wrong time of year? Or am I looking the wrong places? Ranges that are petit are best for me but I can also wear regular. Any help much appreciated, thank you!

user1066 Sun 02-Oct-16 14:33:35

I've been searching too, but for bright colours such as red, purple royal blue or bright pink. Not much out there in pale colours at this time of year and most I've seen may be less formal than you want,. Will smart blazers really not work? One route I'm looking checked or striped jackets with plain skirts/trousers.
These may be too old-fogey for you (but suit me at my age!) but have you looked at:
Just Last Season
Jacques Vert
Phase 8
John Lewis

Brillenbar Sun 02-Oct-16 14:38:36

Have a look at massimo dutti. I have just bought this and and I would buy any of the cream coloured jackets they have in if I didn't already have 2!

herecomesthsun Sun 02-Oct-16 15:09:30

anything here?

fivepies Sun 02-Oct-16 17:26:53

Thanks for all your suggestions. I really like the Massimo Dutti blue jacket. Have found some things in the Phase 8 sale:
nice jacket and a cream jacket from John Lewis.
It's difficult to not look like you are going to a wedding....or looking like the Queen if too tweedy IYKWIM!
Really do need to expand my work wardrobe more so if anyone has any more suggestions they are really welcome, thanks.

LittleMysMoominMamma Sun 02-Oct-16 19:42:13

Karen Millen is always worth a look for smart jackets, though wait for the sales as they are somewhat overpriced.

I've also picked up a couple of lovely fitted blazers from Mango, but they are very hit and miss on quality.

Olddear Sun 02-Oct-16 19:45:39

Ask Angela Merkel....

ginorwine Sun 02-Oct-16 19:56:55

I really like the jacket you sent a link to - it says it is green on web site but it looks blue on my screen . What colour wd you say it is pkease?

ipsofatto234 Sun 02-Oct-16 20:21:35

Jaeger and Hobbs good for jackets, LK Bennett occasionally and J Crew also

Brillenbar Sun 02-Oct-16 21:49:49

Massimo dutti jacket I linked to is teal more blue than green

ginorwine Mon 03-Oct-16 10:12:14

Thank you !

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