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Best non wired bras

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CandyMcJingles Sat 01-Oct-16 11:39:45

I'm a 32G.

Yesterday yet another underwire popped out whilst I wearing it. The bra was fairly new.

So. Please can anyone recommend a good non wired bra? That does the job for large of nork?

JaneKing Sat 01-Oct-16 12:19:15

If the wires keep popping out are you sure you are wearing the right size? I'm just wondering as I've never had this problem and I'm reasonably big in the boob department!

CandyMcJingles Sat 01-Oct-16 21:18:12

Yes I've increased from a 30f to a 32 g it's definitely the right size. They are all debenhams fuller bust ones but I never used to have this issue.

JaneKing Sun 02-Oct-16 05:34:00

If it was me I'd get remeasured at a different store, NOT M&S as they are shocking and if you are wearing the correct size try Triumph as they do great larger size bras and they are fantastic at measuring up too!

JaneKing Sun 02-Oct-16 05:38:01

Apparently wires working their way loose are due to wearing a too big band size and also washing them in a washing machine without the hooks done up and not in a laundry bag! Also do not tumble dry them!

If you have a regular issue with wires it's normally an indication of a fit issue - might not even be the wrong size but the wrong shape (so the wire being too wide or narrow) which means that the wire is moving and twisting with wear. The very odd one can just be fluke or poor manufacturing.

CandyMcJingles Sun 02-Oct-16 11:44:08

All interesting replies thank you.
I measure myself using the MN method smile
I've never done the hooking up/laundry bag/no tumbled dry thing.
All the ones that have had the wire come out have been the padded moulded cup kind. The ones u have with no padding are fine. So it's possibly the padded ones aren't fitting as well.
Still interested in non wired bras though if anyone knows of any?

JaneKing Sun 02-Oct-16 11:55:54

Honestly you really need to get professionally measured, you won't believe what a difference it makes. Go to a triumph shop or House of Fraser. A well fitting bra makes so much difference and not all bras are created equally!!!!

I've had terrible fittings in Triumph and house of fraser - both still used +4. IME padded moulded bras tend to be relatively wide wired (the debenhams brand especially is very wide and shallow, I can't wear it at all) and they're less able to flex to fit your body because of the moulding.

When you look at you breasts, do they go quite far round under your arms or are they quite upfront?

Also, do you think they are more full at the bottom, top or all over?

CandyMcJingles Sun 02-Oct-16 12:11:09

I have had profesdional fittings - not dept stores but at specialist bra service.
I am a 32G. I check the fit of my bras/ they fit well. The band is the right snugness and stays flat and in the right place. my boobs fit inside the cups as they should.
My breasts are very full they are upfront.
It's one particular brand and style that the underwire is piping out of.

Any non wired recommendations?

mrssmith79 Sun 02-Oct-16 12:21:30

When I looked for myself it was mostly all nursing bras in the bigger cup sizes. Ended up with large Freya Deco soft cup non wired which was fine - I went back to underwired though.

CandyMcJingles Sun 02-Oct-16 12:31:02

Thank you mrs smith, will have a look.

I have an evolution (I think) bra where it's is more moulded and not a wire but not tracked another one down.

The Freya Deco soft cup is the only one which comes to mind which isn't too inclined to give you big sausage mono boob, which is what most non-wired bras do sadly! They also tend to be quite closed on the top of the cup (by necessity) which means they're tricky to fit if you have full breasts.

Your breast shape sounds quite like mine and I really struggle with moulded bras. Even in the right size, the shape just isn't quite right - it's not overspill or obvious misfit and it can be hard to detect as I don't get overspill, but they tend to be more friendly to bottom heavy wide set boobs and so it's like they push my breasts apart compared to where the sit naturally if that makes sense?

The only moulded/padded ones which work for me are from Ewa Michalak, or the Bravissimo Aztec is good too. Krisline (available on brastop) are also good for this shape I believe although I've only tried non moulded from them. Some of the Freya Deco (wired) ones were ok, but any with embelishments along the top of the cup tended to cut in - sadly I'm now sized out of them entirely. Boooo!

For non padded (but still wired) my favourite is the Cleo Marcie which is great for full breasts, and also the Panache Floris which is very similar.

CandyMcJingles Sun 02-Oct-16 20:38:04

Thank you Stat! Very informative. I definitely won't be buying any of the debenhams moulded cup again which is a shame as they were an OK price and lots of different colours.

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