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High boots for skinny legs

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MrsGuyOfGisbo Sat 01-Oct-16 07:15:07

All the ones I have tried seem to have a wide calf.
Not £££ to spend - any suggestions?

Littlebee76 Sat 01-Oct-16 08:22:13

I've just bought the timberland stratham heights boots, only ones that fit my skinny calves! I got them brand new off eBay for £80! Bargain

danTDM Sat 01-Oct-16 08:27:58

I just got some half price at AUTOGRAPH for M&S. They were online for 62 euros in black though, the grey were still 125euros.

I hope they're nice, I too have quite skinny calves.

The reviews were good.

MrsGuyOfGisbo Sat 01-Oct-16 14:34:19

ooh - thanks both!!!

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