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Best jeans for me?

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Flossyfloof Sat 01-Oct-16 00:11:16

I have quite a small waist in proportion to my thighs and legs, I think. My jeans tend to slip down and I think they look awful and saggy.
Any advice, please?

BradleyPooper Sat 01-Oct-16 00:51:30

I feel your pain, I'm the same. Today I'm wearing banana republic straight leg jeans (I'm in the USA and they're from an outlet so about $40 here). Don't know if you can get them in the U.K. but I'm wearing them without a belt and they're fine, other brands would be falling down. I also have an old pair of next lift slim and shape jeans which are good, mostly because they have lots of stretch.

Flossyfloof Mon 03-Oct-16 16:29:22

Next it is! Definitely worth a try, anyway. Many thanks

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