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Interventions for the empty of boob....

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SesameSparkle Fri 30-Sep-16 21:50:01

Are there any bra ladies who would like to help me? I saw another thread where statistically recommend the freya patsy half cup. I just ordered a few sizes to try and I've found one I quite like that I'm going to keep. It's not perfect, but it's a million times better than the one I had on earlier. So I'm now wondering what other styles to try. I have very low 'empty' boobs, after possibly 5st of weight loss. When I measure I get 32/38. When I took the upper measure I did tug the tape gently to make it fit round a little, as if I let things hang as is I'd probably end up with another 2 inches and huge voluminous empty cups to go with.... In the patsy, the 32e and the 30f, fit the best, but I think the smaller band size has the edge, so that's what I'm keeping.

My question is, what other styles should I try? The freya is nice, but still slightly too loose along the top edge, although overall it looks much better than anything I've had on in ages. What else is out there? I'd really love a bra that looks relatively smooth/seam free under a t shirt/sheer type top etc. And I'd also love to try something padded, if they exist in my size. More balconettes would be good too. Thanks!

SesameSparkle Sat 01-Oct-16 09:47:16

Bump! smile

Pisssssedofff Sat 01-Oct-16 10:45:31

I like the M&S balcony bras

margaritasbythesea Sat 01-Oct-16 11:37:58

Bra interventionists will give better advice but until they come along I like the Cleo Juna and the Masquerade Rhea.

SesameSparkle Sat 01-Oct-16 12:22:52

Thanks pissed I haven't been into an m&s lingerie section in years - will have a look online to see what they've got. Thanks margaritas, I might have worn a cleo juna in the past, it might be in an under bed bag (too big now) but I'll have a look. Googling the other one.

Just ordered an armful more bras (chestfull?) and need to pick up today or tomorrow.

Cleo Maddie (and others with the same cut, look at the seam pattern),
Cleo Lucy,
not tried it but Cleo Mimi looks a good candidate,
Bravissimo own brand half cups (linky,
other freya half cups,
some curvy kate too (Tease me/Thrill me/Entice/Ritzy and others with a similar shape)

FrazzleRock Sat 01-Oct-16 12:39:50

Bookmarking this!
I have 'PCOS' boobs so they're tubular (or whatever they call it - thank you PCOS for adding to my endless issues). Every single bra gapes at the top so if I lean forward too much with a slightly low cut top on everyone can see my nipples hmm.

Is there a different way to measure these kinds of breasts? I usually measure the fullest part (so around my nipples) and around my rib cage underneath my boobs. But, like I said, I get so much gaping at the top.
I can't wear balconette bras as the wire digs into me in the massive space between my boobs. What I'd love to wear are non padded bras in delicate fabrics but it makes them look hideous as they just flop into their weird shape and I need some kind of padding to fill them out.

Ugghhh I hate my boobs. What is the secret please?

FrazzleRock Sat 01-Oct-16 12:40:33

I don't think I mentioned 'boobs' enough.


PollyPerky Sat 01-Oct-16 12:44:40

If the bra is loose or empty along the top edge, the cup size is too big. Or the back is too big.

I have a M&S T shirt bra in memory foam which is nice . It's an uplifting plunge style but quite honestly I think it might be too much for you! I'm a 30D/30DD or 32 D depending on the bra. M&S bra

I have found the sizing really odd in this bra. I have a 30D which is quite small in the cup and also a 32D which is much too big in the back. I ordered another 30DD and couldn't fasten it- it had a very small back. So something has happened to their quality control.

Have a look at M&S Autograph and Rosie - they do lightly padded without a push up. I find the straps are set quite wide though and as I've small shoulders they fall off.

Also look at J Lewis online. I've a couple of their own brand bras - plain T shirt type both balcony and plunge.

I always order at least 2 if not 3 sizes to try because I'm between a 30/32 back. I measure 28 /29 round the band but some 30s are really tight.

PollyPerky Sat 01-Oct-16 12:46:43

Frazzle- sounds as if you need a bra with chicken fillet padding- this will push your boobs up so they fill the top half of the cup. Or go for a balcony type ( they wire shouldn't dig if the bra is the right size) so you only have a half cup to fill.

user1472662726 Sat 01-Oct-16 12:49:35

I'd recommend a,plain wonder bra. I know I know....I thought it would look ridiculous but actually it doesn't. I went to John Lewis to get measured and the woman got me loads to try... Wonderbra was best.. Lifts but I don't look ridiculous. Often do half price sales on their website too.

Cakescakescakes Sat 01-Oct-16 12:53:22

I have a similar shape OP and have generally found M&S terrible as their back sizes often don't start till 32 and that often fits like a 34. Like you I am a 30 or 32 and am a DD or E. I bought this bra and it is fantastic in M&S. it's balcony and tshirt style. No gaping at top of the cup. I did bend the underwires slightly to widen them to tweak it for a perfect fit. Worth a go? And the 32 is a good tight snug 32 even on the loosest hook. I bought the nude and black colours.

Cakescakescakes Sat 01-Oct-16 12:57:27

I also got this one in red which gives a really great shape without looking OTT. Again the 32 is nice and snug as it's pretty structured with a bit of uplift and padding but it might be available elsewhere in a 30 back.

Cakescakescakes Sat 01-Oct-16 12:57:35,default,pd.html

traviata Sat 01-Oct-16 12:58:25

OP have you seen the Reddit section called A Bra That Fits?

I think you'll find some answers there, but it takes a while to find your way around it all.


here's a forum thread for example; here

If the bra is loose or empty along the top edge, the cup size is too big. Or the back is too big.

This isn't actually true. Often people who have breasts which are very bottom heavy (or have lost upper fullness due to pregnancy/breastfeeding/weightloss) can find that certain shapes of bras will gape at the top but be full at the bottom and even overspilling at the armpits or have the central gore not tacking. It's due to where the volume is in the cups rather than a specific size issue. Generally the taller the cups are, the worse it will be for these breast shapes, and going down in the cup often isn't the solution. For these shapes half cups and proper balconettes are often the best shape but even these can sometimes stand slightly out at the top.

Cakescakescakes Sat 01-Oct-16 13:30:28

Statistically can I say thank you as you recommended I try balcony bras on a thread a while back as I have no volume on top anymore and it has been a revelation!

Felascloak Sat 01-Oct-16 13:39:06

I wear elle macpherson (now Heidi Klum) contour bras for this reason. They may not do a big enough cup though

Cakescakescakes Sat 01-Oct-16 13:50:06

The Heidi Klum ones are great - they do bigger cup sizes online than instore in House of Fraser etc. I find the cups come up a bit small so I'm an E in them although they fit quite big in the back. Although I think that was a balcony style that I tried. Great fit though.

botemp Sat 01-Oct-16 14:00:34

The Heidi Klum Intimates are on offer on Zalando Lounge (their secret sale site) currently, not sure if there's regional differences though as I'm not in the UK.

SesameSparkle Sat 01-Oct-16 15:44:09

polly lots of those pretty m&s and John Lewis padded type bras don't come in my size. I did get into a John Lewis 30f in a t shirt bra the other day, but their standard ranges only went up to dd or e cup.

frazzle hope you also find something that works for you

statistically <does fan girl wave> thanks for the list! I'm going to browse all of those later. After I've picked up my online order from house of fraser - I think there should be some other freya half cups in there.

user thanks, I do like a wonder bra, I used to have a strapless one with the 'hands' in the sides - weird but it worked. Sadly also too big now.

cakes thanks for the m&s and wonderbra recommendations, interesting what you say about the 32 band, I'm wondering if the 32e might work, assuming that sizing comes out similar to the freya.

traviata I haven't seen that forum before, thank you

felas and botemp thanks, but I think those would probably come up too small

PollyPerky Sat 01-Oct-16 17:37:39

Can you get to Bravissimo? They should be able to do a fitting. My mum is in her 80s and they fitted her into a 32F. She is really a 30 back but felt too uncomfortable in it- she'd been used to wearing a 34DD/E. They have a great range and specialise in D+ cups.

SesameSparkle Sat 01-Oct-16 20:15:57

Yes bravissimo is great. I was last there about 2 months ago, bought £100 of bras that now no longer fit as I've lost another 7lb since. sad I think I've seen everything they have to offer now, so I'd like to see what I can find on my own.

StewardsEnquiry Sun 02-Oct-16 08:50:24

No advice really but just wanted to say I had the exact same problem when I lost weight. Gapey gappy bras and lost volume from the top of the breast - I felt like I needed to roll up the boob to fit it in the cup!

SesameSparkle Sun 02-Oct-16 09:55:18

Thanks stew yes, maybe they should do a special bra designed for folding... wink

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