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Winter coat

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Finlaggan Fri 30-Sep-16 11:43:07

Is there a work winter coat thread? I need a new coat this year as I've lost a bit of weight but I'm astounded to see most HS shops are priced £200-£300. Granted I've had the same coat for the last two years so I've not bought one recently but really, Reiss, Hobbs, jigsaw all around £250-£300.

live in Scotland so like a coat that fastens properly preferably up to above chest as a minimum, maybe a funnel neck when fully done up. Was looking to spend £150 max for good quality nice smart coat (not a waterproof type, I've got one of those). Preferably black or dark grey.

Any tips on where to look?


cheeseandmarmite15 Fri 30-Sep-16 13:34:32

This comes in black, grey and other colours

cheeseandmarmite15 Fri 30-Sep-16 13:37:48


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