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Please help me look schmazing for my graduation

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m4dw1f3 Thu 29-Sep-16 18:17:49

I've just ordered this skirt for my graduation on October 18th and I need a top and shoes to go with it

I'm a size 18 after losing 9 stone and want to look good for the first photo I'll be happy to pose for

I'm thinking of a good quality dark top with a boat/slash neck and three quarter sleeves? Any ideas??

Also need shoes and would like a small heel maybe a wedge? Will need dark/black tights as legs are not great

Thank you for any ideas

TheDevilMadeMeDoIt Thu 29-Sep-16 19:11:51

It's a beautiful skirt, but I'm not convinced it's graduation friendly.

It's quite long, looks like there's a fair amount of fullness in it and the bottom is very bright and highly patterned. When you combine all of those, I don't think it would look good under your gown. (Sorry, 'cos I've just realised you said you'd already bought it.)

I always (academic, so go to them every year) choose a plain high neck top - I think you're right about the type of top - and an A line or pencil skirt. Because that does look good with academic dress.

To me, this isn't about looking good full stop. It's about looking your absolute best on the maybe only occasion you'll ever wear your cap, hood and gown that you've worked so hard to have earned the right to wear.

elQuintoConyo Thu 29-Sep-16 19:15:38

It's lovely OP.

I wore a purple suit to my graduation - i didn't realise it was such a faux pas blush

Surely everything is covered by your cape until you fling it off and go for lunch? Who wants to look so stuffy?

TheDevilMadeMeDoIt Thu 29-Sep-16 19:27:21

That's my point, it's midi length so I don't think it would be covered by the gown. I think there'd be a very bright and full frill below it. If the skirt was knee length, no problem.

Purple is definitely not a faux pas.

I said I choose a plain top and a plain skirt - I never said what colour (s) grin

Mistylake Thu 29-Sep-16 19:27:48

Congrats on finishing your degree and also losing so much weight!

I see hundreds of graduates on their special day each year, so this is just from a lot of experience where things have gone a bit wrong: The dress code in most unis tends to be quite formal, think interview or high power job. Smart single-coloured not-too-short dress, plain colour blouse & skirt combo or trouser suits work well. Check there's no colour clash with the hood if you wear one. Buttoned top ideally to fasten your hood to, or else safety pins. Oh, and definitely shoes you can walk well in - so yes, small heel or wedge sound good. You don't want to be the one who loses their shoe or collapses in a heap on the stage. If you wear a black gown then definitely black or nude tights, blue will clash.

But after all that, most importantly: enjoy your day!

Pisssssedofff Thu 29-Sep-16 19:29:24

Honestly don't do high fashion or quirky you'll regret it in 20 years time

walruswhiskers Thu 29-Sep-16 19:31:56

Wear a blouse - you need a button to hook the cape loop onto. I didn't - and spent the day being strangled by mine!

CoffeeCoffeeCoffeeCat Thu 29-Sep-16 19:39:41

Love the skirt! Congratulations!
If it's high waisted a body suit can actually be really flattering paired with it. Hope you feel fab whatever you find x

CoffeeCoffeeCoffeeCat Thu 29-Sep-16 19:41:53,size:

MrsLettuce Thu 29-Sep-16 19:49:25

The skirt is fab. Can you afford to keep it but wear something else to graduation?

MrsLettuce Thu 29-Sep-16 20:06:41

there are a few colours of this dress, it's a great cut and you'd probably be able to get tonnes of wear out of it.
this is a perfect LBD

OlennasWimple Thu 29-Sep-16 20:37:14


I love the dress in MrsL's link, but agree that a boat / high neck would work better with a cape and hood.

Are you able to look for something else, OP?

m4dw1f3 Fri 30-Sep-16 14:42:01

Thanks ladies!!

The hood is blue damask and scarlet - skirt is on its way so will check the length when it arrives.

Will take a box of safety pins with me to anchor the hood.

What about these shoes

Or these boots

Bountybarsyuk Fri 30-Sep-16 14:49:02

I attend graduations. The absolute no-nos are a really tight mini dress and very high heels you can't walk in, as the girls who wear those end up pulling down their dresses/stumbling about. Other than that, wear what you like. There were heaps of summer dresses, unsurprisingly at graduation this summer, hardly any trousers, I don't know if that is typical. I think a skirt longer than the gown is quite a hard look to pull off...the gown sounds hideously coloured, so more neutral underneath may help with that. The key point though is to wear things that are 'you'- I wouldn't wear a blouse and office trousers unless you feel like you, I also think skirts are in general more flattering with a gown.

choppolata Fri 30-Sep-16 14:53:42

Gorgeous skirt!! Button top or you risk trashing your top with safety pin holes. Bring bobby pins for the cap so you can attach it at an angle of your choice! I wore a midi length full skirt to my first graduation many moons ago, it had an embroidered red and gold hem which matched the college colours and looked amazing peeking out under the gown. It's nice to stand out a bit. These days I just go for amazing shoes.

choppolata Fri 30-Sep-16 14:55:13

I LOVE those boots! flexes credit card

Pupsiecola Fri 30-Sep-16 16:10:13

Huge congratulations on your Degree and your weight loss. I just graduated as a mature student and wore this, which I think was perfect. It was comfortable and flattering and I will wear it again.

lasttimeround Fri 30-Sep-16 17:10:07

Gorgeous skirt.

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