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Hush jumpers

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burnishedsilver Thu 29-Sep-16 12:16:58

Does anyone have either of these two jumpers from Hush? Have they washed well? Have they gone bobbly? I really like them but they are expensive so I'd be gutted if they started to look old and tatty after a couple of washes.

FeliciaJollygoodfellow Thu 29-Sep-16 13:35:54

Watching with interest because I am coveting one of those as well!

Nearlyadoctor Thu 29-Sep-16 15:03:04

I have the star one from last winter and have just bought the one pictured from this season. No problems with last years ( haven't worn this years yet) always wash on hand wash cycle in machine 30 degrees, then dry on the clothes horse fairly flat.

If you use this link you can get £10 off as long as it's a new email address. HA2016 will also give you free delivery if you don't meet minimum spend or AW1610 for a further 10% discount.

burnishedsilver Thu 29-Sep-16 15:38:27

Thanks Nearly. You've convinced me on the star jumper :-)

I'm still not sure about the other one. Its half wool and I don't have a great track record with wool. Boden have a similar one. They have someone wearing it on their blog and it looks bobbly with bits of hair and fluff stuck to it.

drinkingchanelno5 Thu 29-Sep-16 16:00:22

I have the love one. I bought it and the white etoile one at the same time. The black one is nowhere near as nice as the white one. The white one looks like it's worth the £80 in real life, the black one looks like it's worth about £40 tops. The stitching in the lettering is quite coarse and the words are off-white rather than white, which makes it look a bit dowdy. I have kept it however and worn it multiple times. No bobbling yet, but haven't washed it. It collects fuzz and lint like nothing else! I would wear the white one with black jeans to the pub or a local restuarant for dinner in the evening, but the black one is firmly day wear only.

burnishedsilver Thu 29-Sep-16 16:09:49

Brilliant. Thanks for the feedback. I'll just order the star one then.

FeliciaJollygoodfellow Fri 30-Sep-16 09:50:27

Nearly - can you advise on sizing? I'm about a 14 with big boobs, I'm a medium in H&M t shirts but having not bought from Hush before was wondering if an L might be better? What would you do?

Nearlyadoctor Fri 30-Sep-16 10:07:52

Felicia I'm a size 8/10 on top 34D so ordered xs and s ( as size seems to vary each season) small definitely better for me, slightly slouchy but not oversized in any way, and that's without anything underneath.
I'd probably go L or order both and use free returns.

FeliciaJollygoodfellow Fri 30-Sep-16 10:38:10

Thank you smile I think L would be better too.

burnishedsilver Fri 30-Sep-16 10:40:57

I'm 10/12 and have ordered the M. Hopefully its right because there are no free returns to Ireland and delivery cost me £6.

Nearlyadoctor Fri 30-Sep-16 10:50:36

I would think that should be fine Burnished smile

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