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recommendations for hair salon - central london - pretty please

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jeangenie Tue 06-Feb-07 10:42:03

need to be able to get a booking at short notice as I want to get my hair restyled on wednesday or thursday

anyone know someplace really good? name of a stylist if possible

I have quite difficult hair and am planning to go from long to short (shudder) so need someone good

I work in Covent Garden so that would be handiest but soho or anywhere fairly near would be fine too

jeangenie Tue 06-Feb-07 11:33:54


jeangenie Tue 06-Feb-07 12:11:53

given the fact that no-one on mumsnet seems to know of any decent hairdressers in london I will carry on this conversation with myself Have just booked in for thursday with the lounge as I think I remember going there way back when I was younger and trendier...

if anyone knows anything about this place please let me know before I risk a big mistake

meanwhile I'll just keep on chattering away to myself...

Whoooosh Tue 06-Feb-07 12:20:22

I go to Daniel Galvin in George ST-bit durther away from you.
Alan is fantastic or if you really want to push the boat out both Brendan and Lino (hairdressers to the stars) are great.
I have never been let down by Alan though,have used him for over 10yrs and have gone from long to short a few times.

Oh and you can have wine and olives or nuts whilst there-in fact you can have a whole host of things-I stick to the wine

Wherever you end up-enjoy it and really hope you are pleased with the result.

jeangenie Tue 06-Feb-07 13:05:34

thanks woooosh, think I'll go with the lounge for now (as I have managed to get an appointment for the time I wanted) but keep your DG recommendation, just in case I need it for next time

like the sound of the wine though, I'll probably need a stiff drink!

Whoooosh Tue 06-Feb-07 13:48:48

Just sorry I wasn't around earlier to help-oh and the wine definitely helps!

suzycreamcheese Tue 06-Feb-07 14:03:07

oasis, near st pauls..maria..very good cuts and colour i can recommend
oh, you got something..its not far for future ref just hop on bus

nailpolish Tue 06-Feb-07 14:06:34

do you pay for your wine and nibbles?

nailpolish Tue 06-Feb-07 14:06:58

(sorry jsut having a nosy lurk )

jeangenie Tue 06-Feb-07 14:14:22

gosh, Oasis seems to be very good value - you wouldn't believe how many salon websites I have look at today and their prices are definitely the best

since I am quite skint this month (always happens in Feb which is always a major pain as it's my birthday) I should really call and see if Maria is available

Suzy CC do you think she's be able to cope with a mop of heavy dry frizzy hair and turn it into a soft shining halo of gorgeousness? (don't ask for much do I )

Whoooosh Tue 06-Feb-07 14:16:14

'fraid so Nailpolish-given what they charge though you would have thought they could chuck in a glass of wine

suzycreamcheese Tue 06-Feb-07 14:16:37

oh its just tea or coffee..

i would get ratarsed if i drank in middle of day these days..though probably wouldnt say no to one...
...not sure either that i would want food in the middle of all that spray and chemicals and hair and etc...

nailpolish Tue 06-Feb-07 14:18:45

yes, LOL, i always think it should come for free

i LOVE getting my hair done, a sit down for more than 2 seconds, a magazine, a chat to an adult about anything and everything, someone massaging your scalp, wine (although extra, but worth every penny!), and gorgeous hair at the end of it (even if just for one day!)


jeangenie Tue 06-Feb-07 14:20:36

wine or beer is free at the lounge according to their website, the downside is I don't really know if they can cut hair there...

suzycreamcheese Tue 06-Feb-07 14:20:53

well give her a hair is short/shoulder depending on finances but straight blond...she is very good and i've gone there for years
for a cut and 1/2 head highlights it comes in at £115 i thought that was enough...
if you got web, you have phone number? the other stylists look good too but havent tried them..

jeangenie Tue 06-Feb-07 14:23:27

wine or beer is free at the lounge according to their website, the downside is I don't really know if they can cut hair there...

jeangenie Tue 06-Feb-07 14:25:49

gave up on highlights long ago, they make the whole business FAR too expensive...I nearly weep if I have to hand over more than £100 for a haircut

although my colour could do with a helping hand I suppose, that'll really have to be for another month though...

Whoooosh Tue 06-Feb-07 14:27:22

Well with enough free wine or beer I guess you won't care (till the next day) whether they can cut hair or not

jeangenie Tue 06-Feb-07 14:33:26

that is a VERY good point whooosh, a VERY good point indeed

just need to make sure I have a paper bag ready for Friday morning

suzycreamcheese Tue 06-Feb-07 15:51:49

i used to prefer going to dentist than the hairdresser til i found a good one..
happy styling jeangenie...

jeangenie Tue 06-Feb-07 19:52:24

s'funny Suzy - I still think dentist/hairdresser visits fairly interchangeable...

Maria is next on my list if Thursdays adventure provides no change to the normal experience...

Swizzler Wed 07-Feb-07 16:02:14

I used to go to a chap called Paul in Red Lion Street who'd give you a beer - then he broke his arm (sob!). It was cheap too (about £30?) and he did a gret job.

Whoooosh Thu 08-Feb-07 18:22:36

So how did it go????????????????

jeangenie Mon 12-Feb-07 11:12:26

was ok, looked very nice on the night but a bit of a mess next day

was very glad to have gone for the chop though, nice to feel air on my neck again

however not completely convinced by the actual cut - very hard to calm it down when I did it myself, needed tonnes of straightening and so much product you wouldn't believe it

it's a change though...which I believe is as good as a rest (though after a very busy weekend I'd settle for a rest now)

NewtoLondon32 Fri 03-Mar-17 16:30:27

Having just arrived in London I did not know where to go. Did some research and ended up at Daniel Galvin on George Street. Booked an appointment with a Senior Stylist called Emma. Very professional, listened to what I had to say, told me what she planned to do and gave me the best cut. I'll definitely go back.

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