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Hair cut, grow it or cut it?

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GipsyDanger Thu 29-Sep-16 11:11:13

Hello all!

I'm currently growing out my pixie cut, it's at that stage where it's bloody annoying and needing a trim. Do I grow it or get it cut back.
FYI I have a 6 month old ds who LOVES to pull hair and it's bloody agony, so to preserve hair do I get it cut back until he's out of the grabby stage?

I probably won't go full pixie, I'm thinking more Mary Margaret/ Snow White. What do you think

carrie74 Thu 29-Sep-16 13:03:20

I'm growing out my pixie but still getting regular cuts, my hairdresser is amazing and manages to make my hair look as though it's supposed to look like this rather than a painful process. Plus she gives me styling ideas as it changes. It's been fantastic. Currently going every 8 weeks.

I decided to start growing it it after the Easter holidays, and it's currently at about short bob length, not quite chin length yet.

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