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What do you wear on your feet with 7/8 trousers in the winter?

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SafariOrigami Wed 28-Sep-16 16:53:05

I saw some really lovely trousers this year, and I love 7/8 length in summer. But what do you wear in the winter?
On the websites / books they are styled with bare feet and flat shoes or heels but I cannot imagine bare ankles in the depths of winter!

So please tell me what you wear. I would rarely wear heels, so flat options would be best for me. Thanks!

Justputyourshoesonnow Wed 28-Sep-16 17:00:35

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

irregularegular Wed 28-Sep-16 17:04:27

I think you don't really. They are more for summer. Unless you wear nude sheers that no-one would notice.

Fuzzypeggy Wed 28-Sep-16 17:06:36

There are a gazillion threads about this, one only a couple of days ago, so you might find some ideas there

leedy Wed 28-Sep-16 17:51:24

Trainers or brogues with sock liner thingies. So yes, bare ankles!

I sometimes wear mine with ankle boots, though then they just look like normal length trousers.

Eliza22 Wed 28-Sep-16 18:08:21

Can't you wear plain socks and brogues? Wouldn't that be ok?

Liiinoo Wed 28-Sep-16 18:33:45

I am going to carry on wearing my cropped summer jeans tucked into Uggs.

SafariOrigami Wed 28-Sep-16 18:48:56

Sorry. I didn't see the other threads. I don't often stay into S&B.
They were definitely winter trousers I was looking at - specifically in Jigsaw.
I think plain, dark socks like opaques with brogues / loafers may work but I am not 100% sure

There is NO way I will have bare ankles in January! Brrrrrrrrr

ChickyDuck Wed 28-Sep-16 18:56:43

Pop socks are your friend! I'm not generally a nude tights fan but I think for those for cm of ankle you really can;t tell and it stops that chilly bare skin thing.

PNGirl Wed 28-Sep-16 19:50:50

Bare ankles! It's not that cold in this country any more. It never got below freezing once here in Wiltshire last winter and I go car office car home!

ThursdayLastWeek Wed 28-Sep-16 19:55:11

Tucked into thick winter socks, and then into a pair of DMs.
Dry and warm smile

potentialqualms Wed 28-Sep-16 20:02:56

I tried mine on with heeled Chelsea boots this morning (then wore shoes as I'm not ready for boots just yet) and I think they look OK, but not sure they're quite right IYSWIM?

I've got 2 smartish pairs I love for work and have spent actual time worrying about how I can wear then in the winter grin My only other idea is pop socks which I haven't worn in 20 years.

Floisme Wed 28-Sep-16 20:07:56

I was on the last thread and we basically agreed that fuckit, we were going to stride out in our shoes and socks, just like men do.

That is what we said, isn't it? It won't just be me on my own??

ImprovingMyMH Wed 28-Sep-16 20:16:32

Men aren't striding out in their 7/8ths trousers with shoes and socks though, are they grin?

potentialqualms Wed 28-Sep-16 20:18:06

I don't know the young ones wear their trouser slim and short these days, don't they?

ShotgunNotDoingThePans Wed 28-Sep-16 20:23:28

Yes they seem to - but that's not to say their mums should follow suit!
DD is 18 and wore 7/8 trousers for school last year, as did her friends. Looked fab on her with tiny ankle socks and brogues but I thjnk, at 53, I wouldn't feel right, so pop sox it'll gave to be. The 'fuck it I'm wearing socks' approach sounds good for you young wippersnappers though!

potentialqualms Wed 28-Sep-16 20:24:45

so is it a no to ankle boots?

JassyRadlett Wed 28-Sep-16 20:32:54

I commute by train with a walk at each end; in winter i tuck them into boots, then change into heels or brogues in the office.

OCSockOrphanage Wed 28-Sep-16 20:48:42

Full length trousers and thick socks in winter. No draughty ankles.

SafariOrigami Wed 28-Sep-16 22:19:47

hmmm...divided opinions then! I shall be avidly people watching to see what others are doing this autumn before I commit grin

I am not in UK and it def does get cold here and there is no way I want bare ankles in winter. I am thinking opaque black / navy pop socks is the way forward. With flat shoes.

I have lots of chelsea boots (slight obsession!) so might see how that looks too.

Why is this such a dilemma and why is no shop leading the way with guidance as to HOW to wear their trousers.

Bare ankles in winter is just WRONG wink

Floisme Thu 29-Sep-16 07:37:09

I think it's the same reason why you never see models or celebs in opaques. Bare ankles in the depths of winter is yet another code for 'my driver is outside.'

I've seen them with worn ankle socks but they still leave a gap. I am not having a gap - I walk to work.

Eliza22 Thu 29-Sep-16 11:43:32

I'm old. I'll be wearing woolly socks and hush Puppies grin. The very idea of cold feet/ankles.... No!!!

Jackiebrambles Thu 29-Sep-16 13:11:49

God I was hoping this thread would be the answer to my similar dilemma! I can't have cold ankles!

Fuzzypeggy Thu 29-Sep-16 13:24:10

There are only really 4 answers to this imo, wear socks or pop socks, wear higher boots underneath, have bare ankles or retire them until the spring.

MrsPnut Thu 29-Sep-16 15:01:25

I wear mine with bare ankles and brogues, I just walk very briskly from the car park to the office.

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