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IAmChewie Wed 28-Sep-16 16:07:05

I need help!

I am 26 and I dress like I did when I was 16 and I need a change. I want to look a bit more grown up and 'professional' looking. I want to be able to talk to the DC's teachers without feeling like they are looking down on me cause I dress like a teenager.

I am a size 24blush (although I am taking steps to change this)
I am 5ft5
I am an apple shape, carry all my weight on my stomach. Have skinny legs

I have £100 to get some key pieces (I don't wear dresses). I'm hoping someone can help me look a bit more like an adult.

DianaT1969 Wed 28-Sep-16 18:40:25

Not sure if this helps, but I'm 14-16 and carrying some extra weight on my belly too. I bought this in uniglo last week for £29. It's a thick jersey. The shape drapes well over the body without clinging and I wonder if you might mind something similar in your size as you have good legs? Easy to wear with thick tights and shoes or dressed down with skater plimsoles as per the photo. A long silver statement necklace would style it up.
Best of luck. Do look at asos curve if you haven't already.

IAmChewie Wed 28-Sep-16 18:53:23

Thank you, I do like that with maybe black tights and ankle boots.

I usually shop between New Look and Yours Clothing and they have really nice pieces but I just don't know what suits.

Ideally I'm looking for some nice blouses that flow over my stomach, some skinny legged trousers, a nice pair of boots and a winter coat. Not much to ask for only £100confused

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