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How to do smart for work when I've been told to wear trainers or walking shoes

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flier Wed 28-Sep-16 15:45:06

Basically, I have very painful feet, saw consultant this week and am now waiting for an appointment with a podiatrist for an orthotic shoe (lovely!). I'd love some ideas on work outfits e.g dresses and skirts that I can look stylish in whilst wearing trainers, also for some ideas on trainers which look good. Help much appreciated.

flier Thu 29-Sep-16 08:29:41


tigerdriverII Thu 29-Sep-16 08:34:18

Office have a big range of stylish trainers. Not sure how robust they are but there's loads of colours etc

Wetcappuccino Thu 29-Sep-16 08:40:45

Next do brogue type trainers in tan and black. Also other retro trainers in black and a soft grey and black leatherette trainers. Not sure if any of these would be suitable? I would have thought, with opaque tights, most skirts and dresses would be possible... But maybe an a-line or tunic shape rather than fitted (depending how you are comfortable). I like Boden for tunic type work dresses, but ASOS are good too, and Next have some nice a-line skirts at the moment.

daisymai08 Thu 29-Sep-16 08:46:36

What's the issue with your feet? I wear Dr Martens Shoes and their smart boots - also have foot trouble, they're wide....I have sparky black converse for when I go out.... Also look at Heavenly feet their an anti after footwear, I have a prolapsed foot due to arthritis but I've got my footwear Sussed now smile

daisymai08 Thu 29-Sep-16 08:48:11

Ps saw the orthotics department get them to make you an insole...the range of shoes are soul (not sole;) destroying!! That way you can chose your own

sleepwhenidie Thu 29-Sep-16 08:51:42

I put some pins together for someone here a while back looking for trainer 'looks', there may be some inspiration there

sleepwhenidie Thu 29-Sep-16 09:56:03

Just realised that all my pics are trousers and you wanted dresses, but i think the simple white, or black leather style will be best for office and IMHO midi or long skirts work best with trainers if you are going for smarter rather than sporty/quirky smile

teta Thu 29-Sep-16 10:04:31

Fitflop have a new range of brogues/loafers that are super light and very comfortable if you don't want to wear trainers.Most styles are wide-fitting and some look pretty up-to-date.

JamieLannistersFuckButler Thu 29-Sep-16 11:21:42


My Chiropractor recommended this brand of off-the-shelf orthotic. Some of their styles are pretty acceptable!

flier Thu 29-Sep-16 14:28:49

Thanks everyone for your replies. My big toe joints are very painful and every morning when I get up I feel as if I'm walking really flat footed and, again, very painful. As a result, I find I've got a lot of back and hip pain because I'm walking differently. I've been told to keep away from heels and ballet pumps, that only lace up shoes would do me any good. However, in the summer, I wore fit flops and a pair of strive sandals which, whilst not lace ups, I felt offered my arches the support I needed. Coming into the colder months now, it's back to the walking shoes/trainers and I'm fed up with wearing jeggings to work already!

nickEcave Thu 29-Sep-16 16:24:33

Can you wear brogues? I can't wear any kind of "slip on" shoe like ballet pumps or court shoes but brogues are fine for me and look pretty smart with skirts/dresses. I have Clarks Hamble Oaks in about 5 different colours.

Fuzzypeggy Thu 29-Sep-16 16:30:03

How about the orthotic insoles which support the foots arches? You could wear lace up brogues etc if you prefer lace ups. With the I always inside so you don't have to wear trainers all the time. They really do support the foot in the same way tha fit flops etc do

Catinthecorner Thu 29-Sep-16 17:01:52

Could you manage with flat boots?

AnnieOnnieMouse Thu 29-Sep-16 18:36:14

Look at Hotter shoes, they are rather good

ChipInTheSugar Thu 29-Sep-16 18:41:20

Hotter and Shuropody both do acceptable shoes which are supportive and some of which will accommodate an orthotic.

Cellardoor23 Thu 29-Sep-16 19:31:54

I think Hotters are brilliant. I have problems with my feet too. I had black trainer type shoes that I wore to work when I was pregnant. 8 hours + on my feet and my feet didn't hurt at all.

P1nkP0ppy Thu 29-Sep-16 19:42:43

Definitely look at Hotters. I have residual problems with my feet after smashing my ankle/foot and they are really comfortable (money back if you try them at home but they don't suit you).

Bb90 Thu 29-Sep-16 19:44:30

Sketchers memory foam

Lweji Thu 29-Sep-16 19:46:33

I buy really comfortable sports insoles that I put inside my boots.
It may work if you buy slightly larger shoes. It would work well with brogues.

daisymai08 Fri 30-Sep-16 07:31:28

Flier have you been tested for arthritis?

RandomDent Fri 30-Sep-16 07:36:36

Agree about sketchers memory foam, they are ridiculously comfortable. There,are lots of different styles.

flier Mon 03-Oct-16 15:58:48

Thanks everyone, lots more to look at :-)

daisymai08 They x-rayed myy feet last week and there was no sign of arthritis - in fact I think they were surprised at how good they were actually looking :-/

Ollycat Mon 03-Oct-16 16:04:10

Tbh is just get a nice pair of trainers and wear them with normal office clothes - it worked for Fiona Bruce! I wear Stan Smiths to work with smart dresses / opaque tights etc. If you look at brands like Me & Em etc it's how they tend to style their clothes.

LunaLoveg00d Mon 03-Oct-16 16:06:59

Some of the Skechers shoes are as comfy and supportive as trainers, but look more like work shoes.

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