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Help - breastfeeding wardrobe

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Izabet Mon 26-Sep-16 18:07:53

I need help! Have just had DD2 (6 days old) and need a whole wardrobe for maternity leave. Baby #1 has just turned 2, so don't have any "staples" as have changed shape dramatically several times in the last few years.

I've never been particularly fashionable but thought I did OK in the past, but have lost all confidence in my ability to choose an outfit. I absolutely dread shopping, which is made worse by the fact that I am not from the UK and don't have any idea which shops to go to.

Anyway, I need a comfortable, breastfeeding friendly wardrobe to get me through the winter and could use all the help I can get!

I am overweight and hourglassy with massive boobs and big hips/thighs. Don't know current post-pregnancy size, but around a 20/22 I would guess. I also have massive feet, size 9, and can't wear flats, need some support in shoes. I am flabby in all of the areas you would expect. I'm just tall enough to struggle on the border of needing talk sizes - they are inevitably too long, but regular feel just slightly ill fitting/too short. I've never owned a pair of jeans that didn't sag in the wrong places.

I like dresses and comfy jumpers, struggle with the former because j don't know how to style them with no heels. Look best in skirts/dresses that hit around the knee. Walk a lot while on leave so will need suitable shoes. We are broke while I'm in leave so need as inexpensive as possible (though not utter crap!).

Sorry this is a bit disjointed, hard to ask for help. I am "only" 34 and it's embarrassing to admit how bad I am at this!

GreyBird84 Mon 26-Sep-16 20:40:55

Primark stretchy vests are your friend, wear a top over that pulls up & pull vest down.

I'm more of a tunic / dress girl so it was hard to get used to wearing jeans / skirts etc but this was honestly the best way of feeding I Found.

I never found any of the actual breastfeeding tops any use.

I'm pregnant with no 2 & planning on buying maternity dungarees which everyone says are also fab for breastfeeding.

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