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Olia hair dye

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civilfawlty Mon 26-Sep-16 15:35:22

So... I'm using it for the first time today (based on some rave blogger reviews) and the user experience is TERRIBLE. With other dyes you add colour to the bottle with the spout which already has the developer in. With this one you add both developer and colour to a new application bottle. This meant two receptacles to try and get all the cream out of. And the application bottle is shaped really weirdly, rounded and very smooth so as soon as my gloved hands got dye on (to apply it) the bottle kept shooting out of my hands and spilling. It's absolutely dreadful. The colour is developing, but I can't believe it will be signifixantly much better than any other brand. It will have to be magic to make me use it again.
Anyone else tried it??

KingJoffreysRestingCuntface Mon 26-Sep-16 15:38:55

I like it.

Just hold the bottle a bit tighter.

Itsalldramarama Mon 26-Sep-16 16:29:43

I hated it ! Couldn't get hold of my normal dark blonde and it turned my hair really brassy orange ! Give up the dye 16 month ago ! Much easier ;)

Itsalldramarama Mon 26-Sep-16 16:30:24

Oh and I hated the smell and texture ! Like emulsion!

civilfawlty Mon 26-Sep-16 16:40:17

The colour is really orange. I'm really disappointed.

And KJRC - I'm not so stupid that holding the bottle tighter didn't occur to me! But that's kind of the point. Every time I gripped it, it shot off.

wowfudge Mon 26-Sep-16 18:14:26

I found it awkward to hold too. I usually just decant everything into a bowl and use a tinting brush, but with this stuff I didn't for some reason. I wouldn't use it again - gimmicky and Clairol Nice n Easy is easier to use, less messy and works well.

VenusRising Mon 26-Sep-16 18:45:46

I like it, but then I use a little melamine bowl (kept from when the dcs were tiny) I just squirt both tubes into it mix up and use a tinting brush I got in boots to apply it.

It's so much easier that way.

I use brown 5.0 and it's not red or brassy at all.

I cover the greys at my temples first and then work through. Covers perfectly and lasts well.
I leave it on for 35 minutes.

I think not using the little globe bottle is a good idea for the hair dying process, it is a slippery little fish.

I use one little globe bottle for putting dry shampoo powder in and blasting right down to my roots if I don't have time to wash it, (I don't like the Batista sprays) and with the other ones I use them to put plant cuttings and herbs in... they develop roots very nicely; don't fall over; and look like a little row of pearls on my kitchen windowsill. blush

SharonBottsPoundOfGrapes Sat 01-Oct-16 16:58:43

I've just used the violet one today. It's turned out really nicely and has blended in with the faded black I've decided to grow out. I got it cheap on Amazon.

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