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Help me look like this picture!

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OhHolyFuck Mon 26-Sep-16 09:01:50

I'm going out for my birthday, very rare occurrence and I want to look good. I am fat so have been looking at pictures/blogs for inspiration and love this, can anyone help me find the clothes to buy anywhere to recreate it?
Also I was thinking of wearing tights (cold plus conscious of fat legs) could I get away with that?

3Eggses Mon 26-Sep-16 09:55:54

You can try Lindy Bop for petticoats as a starting point.

There a few tulle skirts on ASOS at the moment. Not sure what size fat is, but a couple of them are in the plus size range?

Blueisthemagicnumber Mon 26-Sep-16 10:46:22

Try eBay for a tulle skirt.

trixymalixy Mon 26-Sep-16 11:00:19

Asos have loads of tulle skirts

blushrush Mon 26-Sep-16 12:00:12

I second Lindy Bop - amazing stuff and perfect for curvy girls (I have finally found dresses that fit my hips!)

frikadela01 Mon 26-Sep-16 12:25:46

I have this

It's very dramatic. I'm size 18/20 and wear it with tights.

Pantsalive Mon 26-Sep-16 12:36:27

Elsie's Attic are always mentioned when someone is looking for a tulle skirt.

As PPs have said there are also loads on ASOS

OhHolyFuck Tue 27-Sep-16 15:32:57

Thanks everyone, loads of ideas for the skirt that I'll check out!

What about the top? A top/jumper with those frilly shoulder bits?

I'm a 18ish top and a 22 bottom for those asking my definition of fat!

frikadela01 Tue 27-Sep-16 16:55:15

I like this

Or maybe a Bardot top.

Or just a plain black T-shirt or vest. Dress it up with jewellery and it's very Carrie Bradshaw

3Eggses Tue 27-Sep-16 17:37:44

Personally I would wear long sleeves like this:

long sleeve tulle skirt

Something like this would also work short sleeve

JustSpeakSense Tue 27-Sep-16 17:39:54

I saw a very similar skirt in TK max this week.

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