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Changing hair colour and don't know what make-up to buy

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lurkymclurkerson Sun 25-Sep-16 17:41:49

New to S&B, I hope this makes sense!

I'm naturally ginger (strawberry blondish rather than carroty) and very very pale. For 10 years I've been dying my hair a very bright red (Schwartzkopf real red) and have decided to go for a bit of a change for my birthday on Tuesday. I've had a good couple of inches lopped off over the weekend and am going back in the week to change colour to a nice warm brown with some ashy highlights (hopefully a kind of balayage thing).

I have no idea what make up to get that will look right with my new colouring and would love some advice on nice, ethical, not too expensive make-up that would be good for a secret ginge!

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