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Does anyone else think Jigsaw are having a moment this Winter?

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SafariOrigami Sun 25-Sep-16 17:29:27

Sadly, I no longer have a Jigsaw near me, but yesterday I was in a city with a lovely large branch and I had an hour to browse. I used to be a MASSIVE Jigsaw fan in my 20's (am in 40's now), it was my go-to shop for pretty much everything and the cut fitted me so well I barely needed to try things on.

Then I thought they lost their way a bit (or perhaps I had just changed?) but I nostalgically went for a look yesterday and was very happily surprised. So much beautiful knitwear, at least 3 coats I wanted!

I ended up splurging and bought a gorgeous bottle green cahsmere jumper, graphite skinny velvet jeans, a fitted check shirt and a charcoal sweater. I could have bought twice as much (if budget allowed!)

I am REALLY coveting the 'Herringbone column coat' but at £298 I will need to think about it.....

Has anyone else bought the winter stuff there?

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