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I have money to spend on myself.

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user1474792594 Sun 25-Sep-16 13:20:04

I am in a fortunate position of having what is to me a lot of money to spend on myself.

I have 3k set aside.

I need make up and clothes. I am 48 and size 16 and 5ft3. My belly is huge - I am very definitely an apple. My feet are broad and a bit flat.

Can you help?

So far I know I want a down arse covering coat for the winter and a pair of Chelsea boots / ankle boots and a pair of long boots.

Other than that, I have no clue.

Help me!

user1474792594 Sun 25-Sep-16 13:32:31

Make up wise I need a quality foundation. I currently use a tinted moisturiser and mascara and Vaseline on my lips. Which, to be honest, isn't really cutting the mustard. I got my brows tinted yesterday for the first time in my life and they look really really dark (she has assured me they will fade)

burnishedsilver Sun 25-Sep-16 13:32:48

You have a lot to spend. I suggest you book a personal shopper in a big dept store. Have a nice lunch. Get your make up done. Make a day of it :-)

burnishedsilver Sun 25-Sep-16 13:34:13

The brows will fade. It's always a bit of a shock when they're done first.

user1474792594 Sun 25-Sep-16 13:35:34

I want to look put together. I currently look bag lady tramp. Wild hair. Etc.

I like the Biden clothes blush

user1474792594 Sun 25-Sep-16 13:35:42


user1474792594 Sun 25-Sep-16 13:36:34

I need a hair cut and colour. Harris a long mum bob and grey bits. Mousy brown. With grey bits. And dry skin. God I'm attractive. Not. 😂

user1474792594 Sun 25-Sep-16 13:36:56

Hair is.

Even my phone thinks I'm a lost cause!

NameChanger22 Sun 25-Sep-16 13:47:29

Before you buy any beauty or makeup products study Pinterest and YouTube. Watch some of the makeup vloggers and see which products look good. Also search Ebay for some of the latest Korean skincare and makeup products - I love Etude House etc. The packaging and products are so nice. I can also recommend the Sleek highlighting kit - it's about 10 pounds online and in Superdrug. Buy yourself some really nice eye shadow and blusher palettes.

For clothes - if you can find one style of dress that really suits and flatters you (maybe empire line for your shape), then buy a few dresses like that it in different patterns and colours. Buy some complimentary cardigans and knitwear from Boden, White Stuff, Fat face etc.

I know exactly how I'd spend 3,000 pounds, and it wouldn't take me very long to spend it.

user1474792594 Sun 25-Sep-16 13:48:24

Empire line makes me look frumpy sad

user1474792594 Sun 25-Sep-16 13:48:50

Will have a look in YouTube thanks smile

wobblywonderwoman Sun 25-Sep-16 14:00:16

Dont forget good shoes. I like the m&s foxglove type - slight wedge very wearable.

user1474792594 Sun 25-Sep-16 14:03:38

I like this

And these

I have work clothes (v corporate suit etc ) so it's smart casual I need.

user1474792594 Sun 25-Sep-16 14:12:24

I like this coat

70isaLimitNotaTarget Sun 25-Sep-16 14:43:22

For skincare - you might be better buying a few items from one range that suits your skintype and you'll use.

The Dermatoliga range is very well rated, (but £££)
I bought Indeed Labs powder exfolliant from Boots (when they had a 33% off) it's quick to use.
There's also La Roche Posay (I've bought some for my DS - targeted red areas) but again very well rated.
I would struggle with ranges like Decleor because their seem (to me anyway) to be so many products to use in steps , I cannot be doing with it.
Good cleanser, good eyemake-up remover, toner, day cream, eye cream, night cream.

And YY to hair, get a consultation then decide.

And why not spend some money on a really nice robe/nightwear so when you've had your shower or bath, you feel glam.

I'm not a make-up wearer and I really don't see myself going down the Botox route, but I'd spend on skincare myself , if that's what I feel works for me.

Ausernotanumber Sun 25-Sep-16 14:44:49

I don't want Botox. Would love fake boobs but don't think my budget will allow 😜 I did go to get fitted for bras about a month ago and now have boobs that sit where they are supposed to. And a cleavage 😂

Ausernotanumber Sun 25-Sep-16 14:45:39

Sorry. Not sock thingy just n/c from the user numbers

Thecatgotmytongue Sun 25-Sep-16 14:52:18

Watching with interest .. I'm similar age and shape, although 5 foot 7. My hair is a mess,I don't wear make up, my wardrobe is full of long t-shirts that are too tight and tatty and jeans and leggings. I have jersey tube skirts, but nothing to wear with them.

I pick up some things from H&M, some from Next, occasionally something from M&S. I don't have a lot of money to spend though. I also buy lots on eBay.

Ausernotanumber Sun 25-Sep-16 14:54:53

I only have the money due to saving awful hard. I usually buy in tesco/Asda/cheap shops. This is the first time ever in my life I have done anything like this. Even the bras at £30 each was a shock. Normally I'm a £5 special from primark.

Marmighty Sun 25-Sep-16 14:54:54

Feel like hair makes such a difference, could you put aside some money to be able to get it done every couple of months?

Ausernotanumber Sun 25-Sep-16 14:55:41

I will be able to get it done regularly - I'm just lazy 🤐

burnishedsilver Sun 25-Sep-16 14:57:13

As a fellow apple my advice is not to go for the coat you've linked. They add a lot of bulk.

Ausernotanumber Sun 25-Sep-16 14:58:14

I need a warm coat that isn't my wool work coat. And it needs to cover my bum for dog walking / hockey match supporting.

Gruach Sun 25-Sep-16 15:09:25

First thing is - don't spend it all at once!

Getting dressed is a constant learning process. One new t shirt will teach you a lot, over a month say, about how you look, what suits you and what goes with what. So go gradually because, if you're paying proper attention, you'll be changing your mind every week about what you really want and need.

Hair and skin are definitely the priorities as they'll have such a huge influence over how you feel about your appearance and how brave you'll feel when choosing new clothes.

A subscription to Vogue is another useful thing. I know there's an infinite amount of advice online - but it's scattered rather than cumulative. If you don't usually spend much on individual items you may take up to a year to build a new wardrobe/style - a monthly injection of authoritative inspiration would be a real help.

I always say this but - visit some art galleries. Go more often if you do this already. Centuries of portraits will persuade you that there's more than one way to look beautiful. Abstract art will build your confidence in making bold choices. It would be a terrible waste to spend all that money on things that make you look invisible.

So take your time.

Destinysdaughter Sun 25-Sep-16 15:17:38

Do you know what colours suit you? If you don't then I'd strongly suggest getting your colours done. It makes such a big difference knowing you are wearing colours that flatter your colouring especially as you get older as black can be very draining.

I'd also go to a big dept store and book some consultations with some of the make up counters like Bobbi Brown etc. Let someone else who can see you objectively do your make up and then you can decide if you like it and whether you want to buy any of the products.

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