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Please help find a catt to match description!

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redjellybean Sun 25-Sep-16 08:58:55

My partner has offered to buy me a new winter coat for my birthday. I previously bought one that has so far lasted 10 years!! I've had other costs but always go back to this one when it's cold so I'm trying to replace it for good! Here's what I'm looking for:
Not too short- mid thigh length at least
A bit of fake fur trim possibly
Max £100 ish
Not the quilted look, although that seems to be popular in shops at mo.

Any ideas!!?

redjellybean Sun 25-Sep-16 09:00:13

Gahh clearly I'm meant to write COAT in title sorry!blush

cheeseandmarmite15 Sun 25-Sep-16 09:25:10


BigGreenOlives Sun 25-Sep-16 11:37:30


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