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Replacing my 'middle-aged woman's coat'

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WhiteHairReally Sat 24-Sep-16 12:30:28

So annoying. I've lost/left in a train my navy waterproof, well cut hooded MAWC and need to replace it.
It was a sale bargain. I've not come across the make before - Crossfield I think. It was so discreet, I never really noticed it. German make perhaps.

Anyway. I need to replace it, quickly as Autumn comes on apace. It doesn't have to be particularly warm. I put a ultra light down jacket underneath, when needed.

Any favourites? Seasalt?

WhiteHairReally Sat 24-Sep-16 19:00:05


hippydippybaloney Sat 24-Sep-16 19:01:16

Have you tried ringing the train company?

WhiteHairReally Sun 25-Sep-16 23:46:21

Yes, to no avail. Although they offered me. North Face one, a Superdry one and a Mountain Warehouse one as well. Lots of people leave their coats on trains!
I'm trying the bus company next, in case I left it there.

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