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In which photo am I wearing ankle boots and jeans 'correctly?'

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JonahAndTheSale Fri 23-Sep-16 15:06:41

And if you are wearing ankle boots and jeans today please post a picture!!!

Oh how I miss leggings! At least they were tight and would fit right inside boots sad

So do I roll the jeans up like the first picture?

Or do I let them bunch and look a bit saggy like picture 2?

Thanks for looking and answering!!

WasDat Fri 23-Sep-16 15:08:34

I like picture 1. Always good to flash a bit of ankle!

ShouldHaveListenedInBiology Fri 23-Sep-16 15:10:51

Pic 1 for me, I think it's more flattering.

JohnCheese Fri 23-Sep-16 15:11:23

I prefer pic 1.

But for the depths of winter?? Whatever it takes to stay warm.

GeorgeTheThird Fri 23-Sep-16 15:12:50

Hmm. I buy boots that are tighter at the opening, so the jeans legs cover the top of the boot. I don't know what to do with yours!

JenLindleyShitMom Fri 23-Sep-16 15:13:45

Pic one is what the trendy young people are doing but I shudder at the thought of cold ankles.

GinAndOnIt Fri 23-Sep-16 15:14:38

With shorter boots like yours, definitely number one. But with ankle boots that are a bit higher, I tuck skinny jeans into socks and boots over the top.

Floisme Fri 23-Sep-16 15:14:56

I agree with the others: first pic - you've got nice ankles so show them off.
But only for the next few weeks, then pic 2 plus thick socks.

PikachuSayBoo Fri 23-Sep-16 15:15:26

Pic 1 is also no good if you're 5ft nothing because it just makes your legs look even shorter.

Hassled Fri 23-Sep-16 15:16:12

Picture 2. I think the flash of skin looks a bit odd, but that could just be my Victorian sensibilities.

PetrovaFossil1 Fri 23-Sep-16 15:17:23

Can I ask where the boots are from? I love them!

JonahAndTheSale Fri 23-Sep-16 15:23:45

Thanks for answers!

fossil boots are Coqueterra, I bought them last year from a shop called Fred Funk. It's a NIreland shop but they have a face book page and do mail order.

cheeseandmarmite15 Fri 23-Sep-16 15:27:30

Picture one.

When it's cold, continue the illusion of bare skin between trouser leg and shoe or boot by wearing flesh coloured pop socks!

2kids2dogsnosense Fri 23-Sep-16 15:35:38

Picture 2.

FlamingoFling Fri 23-Sep-16 15:38:52

Pic 2 for me - here's mine smile

Libitina Fri 23-Sep-16 15:43:55

When it's cold, continue the illusion of bare skin between trouser leg and shoe or boot by wearing flesh coloured pop socks!

Does anyone other than my MIL actually wear pop socks? clutches pearls

diddl Fri 23-Sep-16 15:45:39

I think 2.

But then for me I just can't compute boots & bare ankles!

Roll like pic one if that's more comfortable, but wear socks in the same colour so that there's no flesh showing?grin

From the angle it looks as if the jeans would fit in the boots!

SirChenjin Fri 23-Sep-16 15:46:17

I wear pop socks <loud and proud> What on earth else do you wear when it's cold and your outfit doesn't call for socks or opaques? confused

Definitely picture 1 OP

LokisUnderpants Fri 23-Sep-16 15:47:31

Why do you miss leggings? Can't you wear them anymore?

CoffeeAtLukes Fri 23-Sep-16 15:52:56

Picture 1! Definitely!

Picture 2 is just wrong.

Woobeedoo Fri 23-Sep-16 15:53:10

I think they look good either way but I prefer the rolled (and I love the boots).

Woobeedoo Fri 23-Sep-16 15:54:28

FlamingoFling where are your boots from, love your ones too!

JonahAndTheSale Fri 23-Sep-16 15:56:48

flamingo love your boots too!

It may be a case of getting the right jeans too!

Where do people get their 'tight at the opening' jeans?

Anyone else brave posting a picture?

misspym Fri 23-Sep-16 15:59:05

I turned my jeans up today a la pic 1 because I am a short arse and jeans were too long to sit neatly any other way.

I wear pop socks too. Couldn't be doing with bare feet in boots.

BummyMummy77 Fri 23-Sep-16 15:59:08

I take up all my trousers. Used to it now as I'm 5' 2'.

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