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Anti age and anti spot!

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neveradullmoment99 Thu 22-Sep-16 22:56:35

I seem to be frequently spotty at 47. Getting fed up with it. What do people use to battle ageing on the face and tackle spots? I have combination skin that is acting up the older i get. Is it a problem of the peri menopause? What can i use to combat it?

goldielookingchain Fri 23-Sep-16 02:05:16

You need tretinoin / retinol! Look it up

wobblywonderwoman Fri 23-Sep-16 02:28:20

I have this and I'm 38

I had a facial last weekend and was recommended a yonka product gommage 303 to exfoliate and its quite nice.

OlennasWimple Fri 23-Sep-16 03:00:07

Yy to tretenoin

wobblywonderwoman Fri 23-Sep-16 03:22:24

How do you get tretonin ?

neveradullmoment99 Fri 23-Sep-16 05:20:34

Thank you. Where do i get this mystery product Tretonin? Can you recommend me a product that contains it?
I feel pissed off that after spending most of my youth with fairly good skin that at my age i am 'breaking out.' Coupled with ageing, its not fair!!!!

shirkingworking Fri 23-Sep-16 06:26:40

It's prescription only - you need to see a private dermatologist. Retinol is a much weaker form of it that you can buy in some products (La Roche Posay do Redermic R, I think). You can get it in Boots

Truckingalong Fri 23-Sep-16 08:06:39

eBay but it's a minefield.

Truckingalong Fri 23-Sep-16 08:07:41

NoMoreParades Fri 23-Sep-16 08:53:05

This is pretty good, not a miracle cure of course, but has definitely improved the condition of my skin.

hollinhurst84 Fri 23-Sep-16 10:03:13

Retinoid here. I was using LRP redermic R and this is much more effective

MrsT2007 Fri 23-Sep-16 10:05:54

Superdrug do a range called clearly youthful which is very reasonable and tacklesboth issues. Glycoloc mask, & cleansers, serums and moisturiser

neveradullmoment99 Fri 23-Sep-16 10:06:34

Oooooh thank you😁

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