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Best make up brushes and make up tutorials

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lifeistooshort Thu 22-Sep-16 10:50:46

My make up is basic and boring and probably not that great so I have decided to brush up on my technique and to buy some proper brushes (but hopefully not too expensive). Would anyone have some good recommendations as to what type of brushes I might need. I would also happily take recommendations for easy make up tutorials.

Thanks !

Pupsiecola Thu 22-Sep-16 11:00:20

If you're on Instagram Caroline Barnes does some brilliant little videos with tips and tricks.

Nabootique Thu 22-Sep-16 11:30:57

Lisa Eldridge on YouTube. She is a make up artist and has tonnes of videos. She also shows which brushes she is using, some of which are quite budget. She seems to like Zoeva a lot, which are inexpensive.

ppandj Thu 22-Sep-16 11:38:12

I love RealTechniques brushes and Pixiwoo make up tutorials (they make and design the brushes) on YouTube. I find them very watchable. I also like Lisa Eldridge.

Champers4Pampers Thu 22-Sep-16 11:47:08

Another vote for Real Techniques brushes & pixiwoo here.
They do really good product reviews too. X

twocultures Thu 22-Sep-16 11:55:39

Real techniques here! And the new blender sponge is amazing!!!

Also I recently got gifted a set of RT brushes from a friend which turned out to be fake (she bought from eBay and was advertised as genuine) and they're surprisingly good quality and less than half the price which I was really surprised about.

lifeistooshort Thu 22-Sep-16 12:13:06

Ooh thank you will definitely look these up as well as lisa eldrige!

EnidButton Thu 22-Sep-16 14:33:43

Real Techniques brushes here too. Hands down the best for quality at a decent price. I have pretty expensive brushes from other places but it's the RT ones that I consistently use. They're very good.

If you use a liquid foundation them I reccommend the stippling brush. Also the orange beauty blender and the blush brush are especially good.

EnidButton Thu 22-Sep-16 14:34:34

then. Recommend.

Rt are good but for not much more I prefer Zoeva. The quality is brilliant

lifeistooshort Fri 23-Sep-16 09:26:53

Thanks guys. I will look into Zoeva but the RT seem to make the unanimity and are maybe easier to find. Bought a new eye palette yesterday. Can't wait to try.

I found some quite good tutorial on you tube but everything seems to be from the US or Australia. Nope I can't find cover girl or chichi or milani!! :-)

RT are basically better than the other high street options, but not as good as the more specialist brushes like Sigma, Zoeva, MAC etc. They're a good starting point although I had two of their stippling brushes fall apart so much as I love a stippling brush I'd probably avoid that one!

lifeistooshort Fri 23-Sep-16 10:34:02

Thanks statisticallychallenged I already have a few brushes including RT and bare mineral an I like the look of the Zoeva. I think for they eye shadow brushes, I might invest in Zoeva

I have a few, I'd say my favourites are the 228 luxe crease which makes an amazing blending brush, and the 231 luxe petit crease which is great for general application. 230 luxe pencil is good for inner corners and under eye if you're taking your shadow below. I also love the concealer buffer for under eye concealing, the 102 silk finish for matte foundations, and 104 buffer for more glowy lighter foundations.

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