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IPokeBadgers Wed 21-Sep-16 12:40:20

Can I ask (I'm sure this has been done) but where can I get decent work tops? Something more formal than a t-shirt but less formal that a shirt with collar and cuffs.

I work in a school office but occasionally have a forward facing role: day to day I wear black or navy trousers with a woolly cardigan (old building, heating is a problem) and some sort of top. But I am currently down to a couple of M&S Classic cowl neck jobs (I'm only 37 FFS!). Not keen on patterns, prefer block colours.

Probably an 18-20, apple shaped, carry my weight on tummy and boobs so don't like overly fitted tops....but nor do I want a tent-shaped top...

I'm just being awkward aren't I?

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