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More dash than cash

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Mumstudentbum Wed 21-Sep-16 09:32:35

I decided I looked like a tramp most of the time. I bought cheap clothes and hardly wore makeup. Now my kids are older I have no excuse and was looking to change.

After a recommendation on the 'how to look expensive' thread I purchased vogues more dash than cash book for £1

I seriously haven't been able to put it down! I've been reading from cover to cover making little notes in my note book. I really recommend this book to anyone starting in fashion, anyone stuck in a rut, needs a few tips or needs a complete over haul. I have the one from the 1980s and it's still as relevant with many of the pics looking like they could have been taken today take no notice of dodgy hairstyles

If you have a copy dig it out or go look on Amazon or eBay. It gives tips from under wear to coats, from makeup to shoes! Really is like a idiots guide

OCSockOrphanage Wed 21-Sep-16 16:35:09

Did you get the 75 edition or the 80s? It was a brilliant book; wish I still had my copy!

Bananajam Wed 21-Sep-16 19:31:53

I had that book - I loved it! No idea where it went though.

TollgateDebs Wed 21-Sep-16 19:50:28

I loved that book and the section in Vogue each month.

Thecazelets Wed 21-Sep-16 19:52:18

I have the 80s one, given to me by a stylish aunt when I was 13. I still love it (but am a bit more realistic about what's achievable with my raw materials these days!)

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