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£100 worth of debenhams vouchers to spend, zero knowledge of make up

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sexndrugsnsausagerolls Tue 20-Sep-16 19:26:19

I have only ever used cheap make up, and have a very weak grasp of what to do with it. I have £100 in debenhams vouchers and have steeled myself to go to a make up counter and ask for help. I think I mainly want a foundation and a blusher, but maybe something else also that will make me beautiful (ha) that I am not aware of. Can spend a bit of cash as well.

At the moment I normally just use blusher and eyeliner, sometimes bit of eye shadow and mascara.

Any recommendations in what make up counter to approach and what to ask for? I shall be going g to the Oxford Street branch.

I fear they will smell my ignorance and sell me snake oil.

70isaLimitNotaTarget Tue 20-Sep-16 22:20:15

My DD loves Urban Decay (she has the Naked 3 eyeshadows, two lipsticks and I bought a travel set for her that had a mini mascara,eye primer, eyeliner and setting spray)

I think that added up to about £100 (£38 eyeshadow/ £15 each lipstick/£15 travel kit)

sexndrugsnsausagerolls Wed 21-Sep-16 00:35:21

Thank you, I'll check it out!

PikachuSayBoo Wed 21-Sep-16 00:38:14

If Oxford st have a Mac I would go there.

My dd and Zoella on YouTube like Too Faced. Again, no idea if Oxford st have a counter.

rosesandcashmere Wed 21-Sep-16 01:01:33

It depends on your skin type and lash type and what you want? Clinique have great foundations for problem skin, Estée Lauder do a heavy coverage one, Clarins do some great ones for older skins etc... Dior do some fabulous mascaras and Chanel do magnificent blushes. I always find benefit is slightly style over substance. Urban decay eyeshadow palettes are good but always have quite a bit of sparkle. Bobbi brown is great for nudes. Have fun spending!!!

sexndrugsnsausagerolls Wed 21-Sep-16 08:48:59

My skin is fine, think I only need a light foundation. But I always struggle with chase, I have very yellow undertones and never seem to get it quite right.

Are highlighters still a thing? I have used one in the past and quite liked it.

AmberNectarine Wed 21-Sep-16 23:54:52

Highlighters def still a thing (though they call it 'strobing' now). Bobbi brown do a nice highlighter powder and I also like Mac Strobe cream.

Urban Decay naked palettes are great - naked2 is my fave.

They also stock Kat Von D now, I note - great for eyeliner pens!

Balletgirlmum Thu 22-Sep-16 00:00:26

The Oxford street staff are brilliant. I've had great non pressurised service from lancombe, yves Saint Laurent & Bobbi Brown at that store.

KookyKind Thu 22-Sep-16 01:39:24

OK, very briefly:

Foundation: Estee Lauder (loads of shades, something for everyone) or Urban Decay (better for more natural look)
Lipstick: MAC (one nice colour will do)
Mascara: Benefit (They're Real one)
Eyebrows: MAC (the brow mascara is best)
Eyeshadows: NARS, or the Urban Decay naked palette as suggested above

I impart this wisdom after many years (and too many pounds!) of buying expensive but crap makeup. Avoid clinique (stick to skincare) and things like Chanel as not worth price. Charlotte Tilbury is nice for everything but overtalked and overpriced IMHO.

sambababy Thu 22-Sep-16 01:48:57

See I love my Chanel vitalumiere Aqua foundation, although yes it's expensive so I don't wear it every day. It's really light. Before buying a foundation make sure you check it on your skin outside in daylight, and ask the counter how to apply (the Chanel one needs a lot of shaking). If debenhams sells real techniques brushes, their stipple/foundation brush is great and makes it go much further with good coverage.

sexndrugsnsausagerolls Thu 22-Sep-16 11:18:15

Fab, thank you! I am off to Oxford Street today and shall report back on my haul.

PaperdollCartoon Thu 22-Sep-16 12:22:26

Ask for testers of anything you want! They will give you sample pots of foundation in particular everywhere, worth getting a few different ones and going back to spend when you decide what you like.

sexndrugsnsausagerolls Fri 23-Sep-16 12:33:44

Went for Urban decay, got foundation, concealer, naked palette blush thing, eyebrow pencil, and lipstick. £98. Perfect!

Warning, urban decay is highly addictive grin

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