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Havana nights ideas!

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hooveringhamabeads Tue 20-Sep-16 11:09:53

Help me! I'm going to a Havana nights party next week and have no idea what to wear. Please give me ideas.

botemp Tue 20-Sep-16 12:39:37

Depends on what you're comfortable wearing and/or your body shape OP.

I'd say something with a cami top and a looser skirt that allows for movement in a bright colour, maybe something like this with some strappy thin heels? Vintage 50s in tropical colours will also work well.

For makeup try a dark red matte lip, this tutorial is one of many on youtube to give you an idea and use a load of bronzer over your whole body.

Hair slicked back in a tight low bun or half up/half down with large curls unless you're really talented and can do fingerwaves. A large tropical flower in your hair can also be quite effective, if somewhat expected.

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