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Butterfly Twists

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CoolToned Mon 19-Sep-16 21:51:27


Can these be worn everyday or are they really just end-of-the-day break-from-heels type of shoes?

I don't wear heels so I'm looking for something I can wear the whole day and not as a respite.

MinervaMcG Mon 19-Sep-16 21:53:03

I wear mine all day and they're definitely sturdy enough for that.

Hagothehills Mon 19-Sep-16 22:01:53

What are they? I've never heard of them and I'm intrigued!

CoolToned Mon 19-Sep-16 22:03:02

Foldable Ballet Flats

Hagothehills Mon 19-Sep-16 22:12:55

shock those are amazing! Where have these been all my life!...

Oh look there goes all my money...



Ginkypig Mon 19-Sep-16 22:31:27

I wouldn't wear them in the rain as the upper is just material and they do get wet but yes they could stand up to wearing them all day not everyday as I think they wouldn't last.

Iv worn them on holiday to York all day with lots of walking and they did very well.

The worst aspect of them for me is the are very very flat. I have long toes and found that they were a bit sore at the end of the day but that might just be my freak toes.

hormental Mon 19-Sep-16 22:53:01

I have a pair. My feet are quite wide so they are not hugely comfortable but I could wear them at end of the night

Friolero Mon 19-Sep-16 22:57:35

I have two pairs and they're comfy for short walks but I find the soles too thin to wear all day.

NantucketNightbird Tue 20-Sep-16 09:56:07

I need them! That is all grin

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