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Beauty book for young girl

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purplegoats Mon 19-Sep-16 19:22:52

Hi, my DD is getting quite into makeup and beauty products, I wondered if anybody had any recommendations of a book I could get her. She is not keen on me giving her advice and I thought she might appreciate a book.

Allibear Mon 19-Sep-16 19:25:12

Go with 'well known' or 'fashionable' makeup artists ! Like Bobbi brown has a great one or Lisa Eldridge? They're both great smile

Merrylegs Mon 19-Sep-16 19:30:04

'100 ways for Every Girl to Look and Feel Fantastic' - I got this for DD when she was about 12 and she really liked it.

Merrylegs Mon 19-Sep-16 19:30:45

Also NikkieTutorials on youtube

purplegoats Mon 19-Sep-16 19:58:41

Thanks guys, I love this board and knew you'd be able to help.

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