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Which boots for straight leg jeans

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monkeywithacowface Sun 18-Sep-16 19:28:04

All the boots I have go with skinny jeans but none look right with my gap real straight and once it's colder I don't want to wear them with loafers or ballet pumps. What does everyone wear them with? I'm not a converse type person at all

neveradullmoment99 Sun 18-Sep-16 19:36:39

Ankle boots? Dr Martens shoes? Brogues?

neveradullmoment99 Sun 18-Sep-16 19:38:13

Also wedge shoes?

ChickyDuck Sun 18-Sep-16 19:42:35

Chelsea boots? Turn the jeans up so they bottoms sit just at the level of the top of the boots

AalyaSecura Sun 18-Sep-16 19:43:52

Lace up boots.

PNGirl Sun 18-Sep-16 20:40:26

Turned up on top of ankle boots.

monkeywithacowface Sun 18-Sep-16 20:51:27

I'm not convinced I can pull off the turned up look!

FlopIsMyParentingGuru Sun 18-Sep-16 22:10:10

I could have started exactly the same thread tonight! I've just ordered some brogues because I saw someone wearing something similar and they looked good. I'm still dubious about whether I can pull the look off in reality.

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