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Any work dresses suitable for the apple shaped?

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CoffeeAddictionUnderway Sat 17-Sep-16 20:18:20

As autumn draws in I've realised I need to rethink what I wear to work as I spent lots of the last year looking quite scruffy.

I had a failed IVF round earlier this year, which has made my stomach area seriously chunky, but I'd always been very apple shaped anyway, with a thick waist, big boobs, and broad shoulders (I sound lovely don't I hmm).

I very easily look top heavy, and anything with a belt is an absolute no-no as it just draws attention to my lack of waist (shirts tucked into skirts don't work for the same reason).

With this rather hopeless situ in mind, can anyone post / share links to dresses that might be suitable?

Am usually a 12 but since the IVF seem to have turned into a 14.

Short dresses with black tights or long dresses would be great.

Any help gratefully received!

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