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Semi permanent hair dye

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DouglasFirs Thu 15-Sep-16 22:31:23

My hair has got darker and darker over the last few years, it was auburn but now very brown. Will a semi hair dye work to get it back to redhead or do I need bleach?

dementedpixie Thu 15-Sep-16 22:34:34

No a semi won't lighten your hair

DouglasFirs Thu 15-Sep-16 22:50:26

Could I still get a red colour? Am just worried about committing to dying hair often, but really want the redness back!

Babymamamama Thu 15-Sep-16 22:52:09

No it won't work. You need to remove the previous colour or bleach over. Definitely not a home job let a hairdresser sort it for you this time.

DouglasFirs Thu 15-Sep-16 23:48:21

I haven't dyed my hair before, so not sure if that matters when you say to remove previous colour?

SesameSparkle Fri 16-Sep-16 00:33:10

I'm definitely no hairdresser, but home dye with semi permanent to cover grey. If you've never died before, I think you probably could experiment with a semi permanent dye with some red in it. Red dye is less colourfast so should fade over time, whereas brown tends to stick around even if the colour is meant to wash out. Also start with a shade closer to your natural colour - don't pick anything too dark as that might permanently darken your hair. Alternatively henna isn't a bad way to experiment with red - it's much more faff than box dye but it can look very good and fades out naturally.

DouglasFirs Fri 16-Sep-16 12:19:24

Ok thanks all, redhead here I come!

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