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Which M&S jeans for a 30-something?

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RedOrangeGoldLeaf Thu 15-Sep-16 17:30:38

I'm on the hunt for jeans again (hate buying jeans, none ever seem quite right) and have seen M&S recommended for my shape - I'm a pear, and any jeans that fit my thighs/hips/bum gape terribly round the waist, and need short leg length. They've got a discount code atm so wanted to buy some this weekend - have to shop online as two small children. I was looking at their jeans though and so far they all are mostly reviewed by women over 55. Am I going to look like I'm not dressing my age if I buy from there? Are some of their jeans more suitable for a woman in her early 30s than others? Are older women just more likely to review <grasping at straws>?

I need straight leg or bootcut as with my shape skinnies look like my legs are two chicken drumsticks stuck on my body. Out of M&S' straight leg or bootcut then, does anyone know which would suit my age better? I can't tell, I am the style equivalent of tone deaf.

<hopes I'm just worrying over nothing and it's all in the rest of the outfit, but sadly I suspect not>

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