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massistar Thu 15-Sep-16 13:48:44

My local Debenhams has just opened a new Mac dept. I had a quick look but got overwhelmed by the choice of lipsticks! I have Ruby Woo at the moment and love the colour but find the formulation too dry. Anyone know if they have another type of lipstick with the same or similar colour?

MaxineRockatansky Thu 15-Sep-16 13:53:44

Ruby Woo is such a shite formula. All MAC matte lipsticks are tbh.

They have a satin formula one called 'Red' which is better but, honestly, is no better than scores of drugstore lipsticks.

If you suit Ruby Woo then L'Oreal Blake's Red is very similar with an infinitely better, more moisturising formula.

massistar Thu 15-Sep-16 14:37:07

Thanks Maxine.. I'll have a look for the l'Oreal one and save myself some dosh!

summerskittles91 Thu 15-Sep-16 15:45:38

On the pricey side but my most worn red is a Tom Ford one. It's my go to for weddings and occasions, it doesn't budge but doesnt dry either. I can't remember which red I have blush but they have a few! worth it if you want to splurge.

I also have Blake's red by L'oreal. Its much creamier than Mac and paired with a rimmel lip liner it's great!

Lottapianos Thu 15-Sep-16 15:49:45

I found Blake's Red pretty drying actually. I agree with Maxine that MAC lipsticks are way over rated and terribly drying. The best lipsticks I have tried are from KIKO or Revlon Super Lustrous - I have Revlon Red and Fire & Ice. Love them both - creamy, long-lasting, well-priced and non-drying. Loads better than MAC

cheeseandmarmite15 Thu 15-Sep-16 15:55:17

Mac have gone completely downhill. Their lipsticks are now especially a load of rubbish.

Try NYC which is available in Boots now.

Cheap but very good.

Cakescakescakes Thu 15-Sep-16 15:57:47

Urban decay have new 'comfort mate' lipsticks which are matte but really easy and non drying to wear. I've a great true red called 'f-bomb' which is similar to ruby woo.

massistar Sun 18-Sep-16 15:28:55

Thanks all. I went for a matte one from NYX at Boots, fab colour and much less drying!

Lottapianos Sun 18-Sep-16 16:06:25

Good to hear OP. I bought an eyeliner from NYX a few weeks ago and am impressed with it, good to hear the lipsticks are of a decent quality too. What's the name of the product you bought?

70isaLimitNotaTarget Sun 18-Sep-16 16:33:33

DD loves the Urban decay lipsticks (I think she has the Comfort Matte) and has now branched into the eye colours (Naked 3 ) and primers.

NYX are good , very busy in our local Boots and they do seem to run out of stock though they do restock regularly.

FrustratedFrugal Sun 18-Sep-16 17:10:44

I second Kiko. Pick the more expensive / luxurious looking ones (still £10 or less and cheaperin Europe). If you google, you can often find dupes.

FrustratedFrugal Sun 18-Sep-16 17:13:17

Some dupes here but be warned, Kiko is like H&M and Zara, blink and selections change.

cheeseandmarmite15 Sun 18-Sep-16 17:15:21

I meant NYX in my earlier post!

I love their lipsticks and have bought most of them!

So much better quality than Mac ones and a fraction of the price!

cheeseandmarmite15 Sun 18-Sep-16 17:22:31

I can make my lips look much plumper (Kylie Jenner style) by wearing NYC liquid suede in soft spoken, waiting a moment for it to dry and then a slick of Niveasoft rose lip balm over the top and my lips look fab and the look lasts at least six hours! Full plump lips!

The Cherry Skies colour is very dark but is lovely, very vampish and is also non drying.

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