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3 nights out coming up and I don't know what to wear!

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StMary Wed 14-Sep-16 14:20:32

A party and 2 meals in nice(ish) restaurants. Some of the same friends at each evebt so I need three new outfits by Friday this week. No time to get to the shops so need to buy online.

I'm size 12, big(ish) bottom and love handles, small boobs. I own black blue and grey skinny jeans (yawn) and usually wear a shirt or blouse but my existing stuff is old hat now and I'm bored of wearing it.

Love the pleated midis with a cami but not sure if I'm brace enough - plus what shoes and jacket?!

Culottes? Again what shoes?

Have lived in flip flops and salt water sandals all summer. Don't have any nice heels.

So three complete outfits oh lovely people! Pleeeease......!

StMary Wed 14-Sep-16 19:12:36


Purplehonesty Wed 14-Sep-16 19:47:23

I recently went to new look and bought four going out outfits as I didn't have a pair of heels or any nice stuff.

I bought a black and white dress and black heels

Dark blue jeggings and an apricot coloured lace top and nude heels

Navy and white dress with the nude heels

Black jeggings and white lace top and black heels.

The range I got most of it from is called cameo rose and it really suits me as I need size 12 bottoms and 8/10 up top.
The dresses are skater style, so fitted at the top and flare out. Really suits me.
Will try and link to any of them X

Purplehonesty Wed 14-Sep-16 19:49:56

Purplehonesty Wed 14-Sep-16 19:52:23
This with black jeggings/jeans and heels

Purplehonesty Wed 14-Sep-16 19:53:25

I can't find the lace tops they are so nice; quite a high neck; fitted and look so pretty

Sorry for all the seperate posts not got to grips with links!!

JamieVardysParty Wed 14-Sep-16 20:03:53

Tea dress?



Pyjama style blouses are very in at the moment, I'd wear with skinnies or even tailored shorts if you like your legs. Like this

I do love the cami tops with midi skirts with low block heels or brogues.

KARMAisaBtch Wed 14-Sep-16 21:23:05


Polkadot1974 Wed 14-Sep-16 21:27:50

I'm all out of going out stuff too. Is top and skinnies and heels still acceptable? I like that grey one. Is sparkle passé now?

JamieVardysParty Wed 14-Sep-16 21:29:42

Also ASOS do next day delivery and even same day in some areas, so you will definitely get it by Friday.

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