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Would navy shoes, red bag and a red fascinated work with a navy dress?!

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RosieBdy Wed 14-Sep-16 06:05:23

I've bought a lovely navy dress for a wedding, but wanted to 'brighten' it a bit with red accessories. I can't find red, mid height heel sandals anywhere with a wide fit so I'm wondering if I can get away with navy sandals and red everything else?
I have no fashion sense and just want to look vaguely lovely! confused
Anyway - thank you!

RosieBdy Wed 14-Sep-16 06:06:19

This is the dress!

RosieBdy Wed 14-Sep-16 06:09:53

Fascinator!!! Don't you just love spell check!!

bearleftmonkeyright Wed 14-Sep-16 06:12:01

Fab dress! I am not very stylish but what about these colours.

RosieBdy Wed 14-Sep-16 06:42:43

That's a good option. smile Probably more stylish than red too...
I should maybe Google a bit more and look for different combinations with navy dresses! I had red stuck in my head (brown hair, brown eyes and a definite thing for red!) but maybe I need to think again.
Thanks for replying.

Cherrypie32 Wed 14-Sep-16 07:25:58

I think hot pink accessories would look nicer than red.

Runningupthathill82 Wed 14-Sep-16 08:05:50

Hot pink or orange would work better. A big orange hat (not fascinator) and bag would look fab.

Navy and red always reminds me of an air hostess uniform, though that could just be me.

Tearsneverdry Wed 14-Sep-16 08:17:26

I like this look..with the navy facinator and gold/neutral accessories

TendonQueen Wed 14-Sep-16 08:35:17

I've worn a kind of grass green with navy before too and that works for shoes and bag.

Trills Wed 14-Sep-16 08:36:58

If you really like red then go for the red

Diddlydokey Wed 14-Sep-16 08:42:40

Red is a bit air hostess-y

29redshoes Wed 14-Sep-16 08:46:56

Depending on your colouring, a navy fascinator might look better than hot pink or red. I wouldn't want to put those colours next to my face, I'd look quite washed out. Then you could go with a different colour for shoes and bag.

GinAndOnIt Wed 14-Sep-16 14:21:04

Don't have much to add other than I love the dress you've picked!

MrsC2810 Wed 14-Sep-16 14:22:19

Have you though of Turquoise? Or Nude? Gold works well too.

ProseccoBitch Wed 14-Sep-16 14:26:21

I love navy with red.

RosieBdy Wed 14-Sep-16 16:18:22

Thank you all. smile
I think pink looks lovely with navy, but it's not a good colour for me unfortunately.
My mum has gone navy and turquoise, or that could have been an option too!
I've always gone matching bag and shoes for smart, but there seems to be good combinations of different colours, so might branch out a bit!
Thanks again!

ThanksForAllTheFish Wed 14-Sep-16 16:32:34

I love the look of a bit of yellow or green with navy. (I'd pair red with black rather than navy)

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