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Best shampoo for fine, greasy hair?

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JosieGrossie Tue 13-Sep-16 10:31:05

I have very fine, flat hair that gets greasy within hours of washing. Yesterday, I used Dove shampoo (no conditioner) and had to crack out the dry shampoo about 4 hours later!
Can anyone recommend a shampoo for less than £10 that will keep my hair looking clean all day and hopefully add a bit of volume?

FreeButtonBee Tue 13-Sep-16 12:13:05

It's not less than £10 but Swell shampoo is fantastic. If you used it along with a basic clarifying shampoo for the first wash then I think it would be very economical. M&S sell it and often have 20% off their beauty stuff.

SharonBottsPoundOfGrapes Tue 13-Sep-16 12:17:17

Yes! T-gel for greasy hair. I was desperate. I'd tried the cheaper Alberto Balsam and Elvive but they had no effect. I had greasy hair in my teens but was ok all way through my 20's and 30's but now I'm pushing 40 it's come back with a vengeance. It costs about £5 for a small bottle but you only need a small bit and just one wash. Double washing can overstimulate the glands that make the oil. Wash it until it just starts to foam and then rinse immediately. Too many suds strip your hair and make your glands make extra. If you use conditioner use a spray on leave in one just at the very ends. You can buy it on Amazon as part of a subscription which makes it cheaper. When it's delivered you can cancel it if you don't like it.

JosieGrossie Tue 13-Sep-16 13:08:37

Thanks for the recommendations! Will try them asap. I use leave in conditioner or detangling spray just before brushing. Are any specific brands really good?
I'm mid-20s and was hoping it would get better as I got older but I'm sure it's worse now... At 18/19 I was trying to wash it every other day but using so much dry shampoo it was pointless (and I'm sure it took longer to style!) so I'm back to washing every day again.

SharonBottsPoundOfGrapes Tue 13-Sep-16 13:24:36

I can go every two days with T-Gel. Might be different for you of course but could be worth a go.

treggle Tue 13-Sep-16 13:31:12

I would wash your hair with a clarifying shampoo first to get rid of the build up. Don't use leave in conditioner, just use conditioner on the ends before you rinse.

Panyene do a clarifying one or boots

Then switch to a green people light shampoo it's lovely

JosieGrossie Tue 13-Sep-16 13:46:32

Cheers again for the tips! How often would I need to use clarifying shampoo?

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