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come and talk to me about trousers

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KnitFastDieWarm Mon 12-Sep-16 16:29:46

I need help!

I'm a size 16, chunky of thigh and ridiculously voluptuous of arse grin with a proportionally small waist. I want to buy some trousers for Autumn and winter. I loved the printed tapered trousers that we're all over the place this summer but now I need to think about jeans again and sainsburys (my previous go-to) has slightly tweaked their lovely cheap comfy straight jeans so that now the 16 won't go over my thighs and the next size up falls down sad

I'd love a new pair of comfy, arse-flattering jeans for the truly curvy. everything that it's my thighs, bum and hips seems to be massive at the waist.

any suggestions? bonus points for a lovely pair of dark denim straight or slim leg jeans and/or maroon or olive coloured jeans!

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