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Dress me for big party

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WorkingBling Mon 12-Sep-16 14:10:28

I am throwing an actual birthday party in November. It's not a big birthday, but all my recent big ones have co-incided with babies or losing my job or something and so I'm taking the gap to throw a bash for the first time in a long time. It's at a nice local restaurant - not fancy but nice. On a normal night there I'd make a little effort but wouldn't be whipping out a LBD but I think for this event I can glam it up a bit more.

I am a size 16 with large breasts and a typical apple shape. My stomach is definitely my least good feature although I am slowly slowly getting it less large and I am optimistic that by my birthday, while I won't have gone down much in actual dress sizes, I will have to worry less about looking six months pregnant than I do currently...

I can spend up to about £300 on a dress I think. More for something absolutely perfect. I like blues, pinks, black, gold, red, greys.

Please please offer me suggestions. I'm also looking and am planning to perhaps try some Diane von Furstenberg dresses but they never seem to look as good on me as I hope. I've had success with Fennright Manson and Phase 8 but would like something a little more exciting. I like this dress although would prefer the green to be on the bottom.

Any ideas?

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