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Botox for crows feet

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singleandfabulous Mon 12-Sep-16 11:59:46

Come and talk to me if you've had crows feet treated successfully.

I've had this in the past with varying degrees of success (last time was 2014) and I've never had a satisfactory result despite using proper doctors with great reputations. The Botox fixed my lines in so much as they were gone but it made my face look odd when I spoke. the sides of my face no longer pulled up when I smiled and my cheeks had a sort of hamster look to them (pouches at the front) and my nose wrinkled (bunny lines I think).

I had a very conservative treatment each time and apart from the first time (in my early 30s which was amazing) I've never really been happy with the effect it's had on my moving face iykwim.

So, do you know anything about this? If so, can you advise? My crows feet are becoming epic and I'm really tempted to get it done again but don't want the wonky lower face that seems to go with it.

By the way, Botox everywhere else (forehead, eyebrows, frown lines) is always superb.

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