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Princessing for the face, peels, laser, salon, home, otc, what's worth spending on

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Serenite Mon 12-Sep-16 11:49:30

Following on from the princessing thread and the one about the most expensive thing you've bought that was worth it, I wondered if anyone was interested in a thread about what works for the complexion, what have you spent time and money on that actually works? I love s&b but find it light on the beauty aspect but dangerously fantastic on style (costs me a fortune!)

I get Botox twice a year and swear by it. A combination of general neglect/laziness/lack of sleep and significant weight loss has resulted in older looking skin that has some saggyness around the chin/neck. I have sunken eye hollows that always make me look tired and some wrinkling around the orbital eye socket - I sound like quite a catch don't I. I was thinking of trying to really improve my complexion in the run up to Christmas or even committing 6 weeks - I'll get Botox around November so maybe to improve it before then.
Skincare wise I have no loyalty. I bought into the Niod regime but didn't really notice much difference. I really don't think the expensive creams make much difference and use rosehip oil, basic things and serums as I have greasy moisturisers.
So what do people use that you think have made a difference?
What about skin peels? They used to be very popular on here and I did use 30% gycolic acid home peels a few years ago and had good results. Are people using them still? Or v lift or CACI?
What about lasers at a medispa, it's all so confusing and the prices are high so I'd want to put money on something that works. Or I've been reading about the vampire face lift.
What have people used, it's like a secret club I sometimes think - I see women my age (early 40's) who look amazing and I know have had some 'work' but it's so hard to get a specific recommendation. I'm in the Yorkshire region. I don't want to spend a fortune or have anything really invasive but am open to anything that would help - I need a youthful boost! I know it's about how you feel on the inside (and I'm working on that too) but the face looking back at you in the mirror affects you too - it's not just aging but a bit of neglect and ignorance. I've read Caroline Hirons but find it too time consuming/expensive. Have had good results (but nothing amazing) from liquid gold.
I'd love it if people were interested in doing something for 6 weeks or so to really see if we can achieve a difference. Please share your routines, what you've put money on that has made a diffence so I could get a starting point for this 6 week intensive boost!!!

Serenite Mon 12-Sep-16 21:52:46

Any ideas please??

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