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Are these 'granny' boots?

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JonahAndTheSale Sun 11-Sep-16 20:25:26

So my other boot thread didn't go well, so sorry if people are fed up with boots.. blush

Anyway I've always thought fur trimmed boots were a little 'old lady' but what do people think of these

Need them for smartish workplace (teacher) and need this length for tucking skinny trousers into.

Opinions please!

Mybeardeddragonjustdied2016 Sun 11-Sep-16 20:31:57

I have a pair of Morrell walking boots that are very similar and cost £185!! They aren't granny ish (and I am indeed a granny at 45!!)

Haggisfish Sun 11-Sep-16 20:32:28

It's all in the way you wear th I think.

Haggisfish Sun 11-Sep-16 20:33:36

I don't think they will look granhyish as you describe.

Crocodillian Sun 11-Sep-16 20:39:04

No they aren't at all

SpeckledyBanana Sun 11-Sep-16 20:41:00

I like them.

SirChenjin Sun 11-Sep-16 20:41:06

No, not at all - love them smile (I'm 47 and hope not to be a granny for another 20 years at least!)

SimonLeBonOnAndOn Sun 11-Sep-16 20:43:44


No idea if they are granny-ish, but I don't like them, sorry. I think it's the wedge heel, plus the length that I dislike, rather than the furry bits.

UntilTheCowsComeHome Sun 11-Sep-16 20:49:19

I think they're frumpy sorry. Definitely won't look good with skinny jeans tucked in and that wedge sole is just yuck.

AnyFucker Sun 11-Sep-16 20:50:35

they are not granny boots but they are mum boots, sorry

get some Fly

cheeseandmarmite15 Sun 11-Sep-16 20:51:37

I am 50 and wouldn't wear them as they look a bit old fashioned!

cheeseandmarmite15 Sun 11-Sep-16 20:55:14

Do you like these

Grown up but not too frumpy?

SirChenjin Sun 11-Sep-16 20:57:57

Fly are over-priced mum boots with a label that makes them OK to the wearer grin

AnyFucker Sun 11-Sep-16 20:59:30

ha ! They look much cooler than that teak monstrosity in the op...

SirChenjin Sun 11-Sep-16 21:01:27

Not often you see Fly and cooler in the same sentence - and there's very good over-priced mum-boot reason for that!

AnyFucker Sun 11-Sep-16 21:01:53

you think the boots in the op are better, Sir ?

AnyFucker Sun 11-Sep-16 21:02:17

it's all relative, ya know wink

SirChenjin Sun 11-Sep-16 21:03:08

Hell yeah grin

cheeseandmarmite15 Sun 11-Sep-16 21:04:03

To be fair a pair of Dunlop wellies wwouls look better than the ones the op posted!


FlamingoFling Sun 11-Sep-16 21:07:10

They're not the most hideous things I've ever seen. But they're not stylish and they won't look good with jeans tucked in.

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